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Swan Sex Toys

When it comes to finding brands that are best for you when sourcing a range of sex toys, we would recommend award-winning companies, like Swan. At Mega Pleasure, we pride ourselves on selecting some of the best brands that will be sure to spice up your bedroom experiences. When you are browsing our wide selection of toys, make sure you remember we have a deal, if you end up spending over £30 on our online sex shop you will qualify for free delivery. Whether it’s intimate hygiene products you are looking for or sex toys for women, all your orders will be discreetly packaged. 

Who is Swan?

Swan sex toys are an award-winning company with a collection of dildos, wand vibrators,
hygiene products and silicone sex toys, mainly for her. This versatile
brand offers unlimited pleasure with their sex toys and will have you
screaming in no time. They also consider the importance of personal
hygiene with products like razors. Swan sex toys have seamless designs
and speed control on most of their products, enabling you to take
control of your pleasure and ramp it up and down yourself. If you’re
looking for rechargeable, waterproof and 100% silicone Swan sex toys,
you have come to the right place. With advanced technology and
sophisticated designs, Swan reveals some of the most arousing
PowerBullet technology.

won’t want to miss out on Swan’s sex toys down to all the awards they
have won, these include Best Luxury Product Line in Europe and Most
Innovative Company in Europe. Find our selection of Swan sex toys at
Mega Pleasure and add any that take your fancy to your online shopping
basket today.

Swan Intimate Hygiene Products

Mega Pleasure, we realise the importance of intimate hygiene products
as well as sex toys. To feel comfortable and ready for intimacy, you
need to feel comfortable with yourself and your body. Swan have razors
on offer that can be purchased in a set to give you silky-smooth skin
ready for the bedroom. Their razors will help you avoid nicks, bumps and
small razor cuts with a design suitable for shaving any area of your

All Swan sex toys are
waterproof and once you feel them, you will be able to tell. Don’t be
afraid to use them in the bathtub or shower to spice up your sexy time.
Luckily, all their sex toys have a self-sealing recharge port so it
won’t be dangerous to use them in water. Swan sex toys put power before
anything else, meaning they will make you orgasm like never before. Most
sex toys have 60% of the toy available to use, whereas, Swan have the
full 100%, the silicone material they are made from makes this feasible.

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Swan FAQs

What are essential intimate hygiene products to invest in?

If you are going to be using sex toys on a regular basis, it is crucial to invest in a sex toy cleaner to make sure you aren’t spreading any bacteria. You should clean your sex toys before and after use, with one of our Mega Pleasure cleaning sprays or with hot water and soap.

Are Swan Sex Toys powerful?

Swan focuses on elegance and simplicity, but also power. Most of their products have independent motors to put your pleasure and desires first. You will easily be able to adjust the power of your sex toy, with ‘press and hold’ buttons, the longer you press, the faster the vibrator will move. You can then let go of the button when you have reached your desired power level. The sex toys have LED lights that go on when you have reached the highest power level.

Are Swan Toys Rechargeable?

Yes, you will need to recharge your Swan sex toys when they have stopped, meaning they have run out of battery. Their powerbullet motors are ultra fast but this doesn’t mean they run out of battery quickly, some of the smaller vibrators have an amazing 14 hours battery life. Double check the instructions or the website information if you want to check the battery life before purchasing.