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A great addition to any toy collection, our range of metal dildos are created to provide a unique and exciting way to enhance your pleasure and explore your most intimate desires. Perfect for both solo or partnered temperature play, get ready for your new metal dildo to become the latest addition to your erotic adventures. Shop our range of dildos including glass dildos and other popular dildos such as our inflatable dildos today.

The smooth surface, the sleek, reflective design – a metal dildo has it all and we have many to choose from here in our online sex shop. From chrome designs with an added shine to colourful metal dildos with plenty of character, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you next want to get off. Browse the range below and buy online to start your metallic adventure dildo style.

Sleek Metal Dildos

a bit of class to your sex toy box, a metal dildo is the premium toy
you’ve been looking for. If you don’t like the look of flesh-coloured
dildos that look just like the real thing, there’s no better option than
reaching for a metal dildo that looks just as great as it is to use.
Now, many people may think twice before putting any metal objects near
their genitals, but relax; a metal dildo is designed for this specific
purpose. They are also very hard-wearing compared to other designs of
dildos, meaning that if you like to play rough or accidentally drop it,
you can ensure it’s ready to go for another session damage free – just
don’t drop it from too high!  

metal dildo provides smooth edges and a nice weighty feel so that it
feels great to hold and ensures no discomfort from friction. The cold
sensation of metal is something many people enjoy about metal dildos,
but they soon warm up as you get into a rhythm. There are plenty of
sizes and designs to choose from too, so if you’re looking for something
larger such as 10 inch dildos, or something more unique and fantastical
like a dragon dildo, you may find the perfect metal option to please
your desire.

Buy a Metal Dildo Today

the right dildo comes down to personal preference, but fortunately, we
have such a vast range of the latest dildos, you’ll easily find
something you like. Not only that but there’s something to suit all
budgets too, from premium metal dildos to more budget-friendly options
that still help get the job done. Our online sex shop has everything you
need to take passion to another level and help you not only choose a
new toy to play with, but also discover the latest in sex aids to help
make using them even better.

fun browsing all of our metal dildos and if you have any questions,
please let us know. Don’t worry about the postman knowing about your new
purchase either, as every order is discreetly packaged for your

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Metal Dildo Related FAQs

Will a metal dildo feel cold to use?

As with any metal items you own, they can feel cold to the touch, and this is the same for metal dildos. However, as metal is a conductor, it will quickly heat up to match your body temperature when used. If you’re not a fan of the cold sensation of first use, all you need to do is rub the metal surface to warm this up a bit first, similarly to if you have cold hands – rub them together before touching your partner, they’ll thank you later. You can also look to use warming and tingling lube to help make using metal dildos even more pleasant.

How do I keep a metal dildo clean?

Metal dildos benefit from being very easy to clean due to their smooth surface. You’ll want to keep them dust-free and in great condition by cleaning them regularly after use. We have specialist sex toy cleaner to ensure that you do not use any cleaning products that could irritate your skin. 

Is a metal dildo better than a flesh one?

This is entirely down to preference, but each type of dildo has its own unique use and provides a different sensation. As a premium-looking sex toy, metal dildos are hard to beat, but if you prefer something more natural looking, you may want to browse our realistic dildos instead. You may want to try different types of materials and designs so you can work out which you and your partner prefer.