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Are you looking to enhance your sex life by making it more comfortable for both parties or are bringing solo play up a notch? Our range of organic lubes will allow you to glide right in. A suitable lube for sensitive skin, get ready to embrace the power of natural ingredients for double the amount of fun and comfort with our range of the best organic lube. What are you waiting for? Explore our collection of organic lube and lubricant applicators to reach those hard to reach spots. Plus enjoy discreet delivery on all orders.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your sex life by making it more comfortable for both parties or are bringing solo play up a notch, organic lubricant will allow you to glide right in. By switching to a good organic lube, embrace the power of natural ingredients and find the product that works for sensitive skin, avoiding unwanted nasties and chemicals by finding the best organic lube on the market. Shop our range of organic sex lube online.

Heighten Your Senses with Organic Lubricant

people prefer the consistency of organic lube as there is a silky feel
with no annoying sticky textures. As well as enhancing your intimacy,
organic sex lube and organic anal lube tends to be compatible with
condoms and sex toys thanks to the natural ingredients, minimising the
risk of you picking out lubricants that can react with the materials.

An organic lubricant can be an underrated gem, being a staple in our online sex shop
that allows you to make sex more pleasurable so you can slide right in.
With our range including organic flavoured lube and various sensations
to heighten your senses and give you new forms of stimulation to try
out, pleasure both yourself and your partner in brand new ways. By
reducing friction with organic vegan lube, the easier entrance will mean
you can try out new positions more comfortably and go for longer with
the added stimulation, enhancing your performance in the bedroom so you
can build up to your best climax yet.

The Power of a Good Organic Lube

you have a firm favourite organic lube that you’re looking to stock up
on or are on the hunt for a new organic flavoured lube to spice things
up in the bedroom, our collection offers a product for everyone. From
traditional organic lubricants to specialist organic anal lubes to help
with anal play, find exactly what you’ve been on the hunt for and tick
all of the right boxes. With plenty of options of lubes available such
as Water-Based, Flavoured and Silicone Lubes, you're certain to find your match. 

well as allowing you to slip right in, the best organic lubes are great
for various purposes. For women who struggle to get wet, the addition
of organic sex lube will help avoid friction and intensify the pleasure.
If you’re trying to sweeten up oral sex, organic flavoured lube is
perfect for adding a bit of fun, with plenty of different flavours to
choose from. Many of our organic lube offers brand new sensations for
you to try out, creating tingling,
warming or cooling feelings for addition stimulation which you can
experiment with either with a partner, during solo play or with toys.
Whatever your preference, find good organic lubes online and prep for
your next night of passion!

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    Can I use organic lubricant with sex toys?

    Of course! Take solo play up a notch and create intense pleasure as it slips right in with the help of organic vegan lube. The natural ingredients mean organic lubes are suitable for use with condoms and sex toys, not impacting the quality of the materials as some oil-based lubes may.

    How do I use organic lube?

    Although you can use the best organic lubes as you like, we recommend applying your organic lubricant to the penis, vagina and toys for optimum results. By creating that slippery finish so you can glide right in, penetration is made much more enjoyable, reducing friction so you can experiment without the discomfort.

    WH3: Is organic flavoured lube suitable for sensitive skin?

    The best organic lube is designed using natural ingredients without added chemicals and nasties, ensuring you are only putting quality organic sex lube near your intimate areas. If you struggle with traditional lubes which may cause irritation or sensitivity, give an organic vegan lube a go so you can experience the pleasure without the discomfort that follows.