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Are you looking for a labia clamp to add to your toy collection? We think you'll love our selection of BDSM labia clamps and clit clamps. We stock a wide range of labia clamp spreader products and BDSM labia clamp accessories to enhance your sexual experiences and turn up the heat in the bedroom. So, whether you're looking to experiment with new sensations or simply want something different to add to your collection, you can easily find suitable BDSM labia clamps suitable for your next erotic adventure. Order before 2pm to receive your purchase the next working day and enjoy discreet delivery on all orders including our best-selling nipple clamps.

Clamps and clips can do wonders for our sexual experience, and whilst they may seem a painful way to get pleasure, they do work! We have lots of different styles including labia clamps that are perfect for applying some pressure to your nether regions. Whether you want to add to your clamp collection, or looking into labia clamping for the first time, find more information here and browse our latest products to buy online. 

Experience Labia Clamping

Some people just like to clamp, and here at Mega Pleasure, we can help those clamping enthusiasts find some of the best products available. Specifically here you will find the pleasurable world of labia clamping, where you can attach any of the products you’ll find on this page to your labia easily and experience more sensation in your nerve endings. As one of the most sensitive areas on the body, the labia should be treated with care as well as plenty of sexual attention. Whether using labia clamps alone for easier solo play or with a partner, you’ll be pleased to know that what may seem like a painful toy to have, is actually the opposite once gotten used to. Of course, if you’re new to labia clamp BDSM, you may experience some discomfort to begin with, but this should give way to intense pleasure quickly.

So why get into labia clamping? It may seem unnecessary to those not in the know, but the benefits are worthwhile. As the labia is full of intense nerve endings, any pressure or touch in this area is very rewarding. The idea of a labia clamp is to gently apply pressure to this area in the same way you would with your fingers or mouth. It means you can hold your labia open hands-free so you can use your hands to easily insert a vibrator, dildo, or other toys with ease. It’s also great for a partner during oral sex, as they can also use their hands elsewhere at the same time – what’s not to like? You may want to wear a labia clamp temporarily and then remove it, as the sensation of the blood rushing back into your labia will make it even more sensitive and pleasurable to the touch.

Get Into Labia Clamp BDSM Today

We have plenty to satisfy keen clampers and bondage aficionados here in our online sex shop. Both our BDSM labia clamps and clit clamps concentrate on the female genitalia, but we also have nipple clamps that anyone can enjoy. There are various other kink toys for the adventurous couples among you too, so plenty to explore when looking at adding some BDSM fun to your next steamy session.

If going for labia clamps is a step too soon, fortunately, we have plenty of other great toys to interest you. Browse the full range of sex toys for women and men here at Mega Pleasure and discover more about your wild side than you ever imagined. 

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Labia Clamp FAQs

How does a labia clamp work?

Labia clamps come in all different shapes and sizes, with some looking more complicated than others. However, they are really simple and easy to get used to. You’ll find some will have clips with rubberised tongs that you place on the labia to spread this apart gently. For these, they are usually attached to leather straps that can be adjusted, or even chains. We even have nipple and labia combination toys for the full experience if you’re into it. There are also labia clamps that fit over the labia instead that can be adjusted to fit snugly.

Is labia clamping meant to be painful?

No, labia clamping is designed to heighten pleasure by putting pressure on the labia to make the area more sensitive, hopefully leading to better orgasms. It should be a good feeling rather than bad! Whilst some of the BDSM labia clamps may look like something you wouldn’t put anywhere near your genitals, believe us when we say they have to be tried to be believed. 

Are all BDSM labia clamps metal?

The majority of designs will have metal parts, but there are some that are made from silicone. These work by placing them into the vagina which then holds the clamps in place, spreading the labia. These may be more comfortable to wear but have to be inserted to work, whereas traditional labia clamp BDSM toys are used externally.