Double Ended Dildos

Sometimes, satisfying one end isn't enough. Our double-ended dildo collection is designed to provide double the amount of fun, offering an exciting way for couples who want to explore new sensations together. A perfect addition to any erotic adventure, get ready for an unforgettable experience with our best-selling double-ended dildos and couples vibrators. Shop our range of skin-safe best double ended dildos and other sex aids for couples, today.

Double your pleasure with our enjoyable range of double ended dildos to enjoy by yourself or with your partner. Our sensual collection of double dildos is perfect for penetrating anyone with a vagina making this perfect for lesbian play. Shop your next double ended dildo in our online sex shop.

Lesbian Double Dildos

Let your partner in on your fun by purchasing one of our lesbian double dildos. Use our double ended dildos with your partner simultaneously by both sitting on the dildo or rocking back and forth between you. Our lesbian double dildos are perfect for adding penetration to your lovemaking and is a great way to experiment in the bedroom. Create an erotic sexual experience with your lover and take your pleasure to new levels. Our double ended dildos range from small to large and the longer variations are great for partner play due to their flexibility. Pair our lesbian double dildos with other sex toys like clit vibrators or nipple clamps for extra stimulation to help you reach a roaring orgasm.

Double Penetration Dildos

Our double ended dildos are perfect for double penetration. A flexible double dildo is easy to get to grips with if taking part in solo play double penetration. If you’re starting out with double penetration dildos, finding one with a slimmer end would be a great start. Use during solo play, during sex with your partner or use on your partner for some intense and erotic pleasure. Our double dildos for anal and vaginal penetration will leave you deeply satisfied.

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Double Ended Dildo Related FAQs

How Do You Use a Lesbian Double Dildo?

When using a double-sided dildo with your partner, it’s important to experiment to find out the most comfortable position and what works for you. Some popular positions include both partners kneeling on all fours and backing on to each end of the double-sided dildo one at a time to take the dildo at your own pace. Another popular position includes sitting face to face bringing yourself onto your hands and feet and inserting the double dildo between you, inserting it slowly with lots of lube. You can both enjoy the length of the dildo as you intertwine your legs and rock back and forth.

How Do I Choose the Best Double Dildo?

Choosing your double ended dildo depends on what you will use it for. There are so many variations of double dildo to choose from with lots of different benefits. For solo play double dildos and double dildos for anal, try out ones with a smaller end to begin with. You can graduate to larger double dildos if you prefer. If you’re playing with your partner, then any flexible double ended dildo will allow you to experiment with different positions.

How Do I Use a Double Dildo Alone?

To use a double dildo during solo play, use a good amount of lube to make inserting easier. A popular way to insert the double dildo alone is by laying on your back with your hips elevated onto a cushion or sex enhancer and position your legs comfortably. Insert one end of the double dildo slowly and bend it up towards you to use as a handle to thrust it into you.

Another popular way of using the double-sided dildo is by bending it into a ‘U’ shape and rest it against a surface keeping this shape and facing upwards. Next, squat over the double dildo carefully inserting one head into the vagina and one into the anus (you can use our double dildos for anal with a slimmer end). You can then bounce on the dildo for a pleasurable double penetration.