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Get ready for an orgasm like no other. Our range of penis vibrators are designed to please, just like our rabbit vibrators, leaving you wanting more after each use. Ideal for solo and partnered play, our penis vibrator collection is the perfect solution to enhanced playtime. Shop our range now and discover our other popular clitoral vibrators.

Get the length and girth of a real penis with our exciting penis vibrators and choose your favourite vibrator all in one toy with our extensive range of penis vibrators at. Shop the full range of penis vibrators in our online sex shop now. 

Shop the Best Penis Vibrators in The UK

Vibrator penises are
the shape and size you’re used to when engaging in sexual activities,
however these are on hand whenever you need them and have different
functions to help you reach orgasm easily. Our collection of penis
vibrators has intimate details on there like veins, different sized
heads and even testicles to give you the experience you’re looking for.
For those who love visual stimulation during your solo play, a vibrator
penis will be your new best friend.

Choose a realistic penis
design that comes in your ideal skin tone with all the realistic
features of a real D. Browse our range of penis vibrators from curved
style, straight up style, chunky style or slimline style to find your
idyllic toy. Alternatively, for those who enjoy a not-so-realistic adult sex toy,
our playful colours are sure to satisfy your needs! Choose from red,
pink, blue and even glitter for a fabulous experience. When using a
penis vibrator, make sure you use plenty of lube for a sensational solo

Penis Head Vibrators for Targeted Stimulation

With multiple
sizes of penis head vibrators, we’re sure you’ll find something that you
will love. A smaller penis head vibrator allows for targeted
stimulation over your nipples, clitoris or other small sensitive area,
whereas a larger penis head vibrator will allow you to cover more
surface area for a deeper experience. Our male penis vibrators are the
perfect toy not only for masturbation but for couples play too! Use the vibrator
over your partners erogenous zones or even take part in some anal play
for those who are experienced. Our penis head vibrators are a great
addition to anyone’s sex toy collection!

Our male penis vibrators
can also be used for internal stimulation and are great for hitting the
g-spot. They come in a range of different materials such as silicone,
jelly and rubber for a flexible but firm toy. The range of sizes that
our penis head vibrators come in means you don’t have to worry about
getting too much or too little and you can tailor your toy to your
experience level. Explore the incredible sensations of thrusting a male
penis vibrator inside of you and tingling all your most sensitive areas.

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