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Jelly Dildos

The Best Big Jelly Dildos

who want to use their jelly dildo for masturbation when alone will
benefit from the realistic veined detail on our pink jelly dildos, it
could almost pass as the real thing. The bendable advantage of jelly
dildos means they are ultra supple and can be moved about as much as you
like. A jelly suction dildo will have you running to the bedroom
whenever you have the chance due to its perfect size.

If you are struggling to get in the mood with your partner, you can try out some sexual games to get things livened up. One of our favourites is the 50 positions of bondage,
ideal for those who want to get down and dirty and try out new
positions while they’re at it. If you already have a jelly dildo or
jelly anal dildo that you often use, you might want to try out one of
our vibrators when you’re playing sex games, this will introduce you to a new and exciting way to orgasm.

What Size Jelly Dildo Should I Go For?

it’s your first time using a jelly dildo, you can use a lubricant to
make sure you have a smooth experience with no messing around. Whether
you go for a thin jelly dildo or a thick jelly dildo you will feel the
stimulation and guaranteed pleasure. Thin jelly dildos will help you
reach your g-stop and thicker jelly dildos will be more appropriate for
experienced users.

A slim
jelly dildo will help you reach a specific spot and could possibly suit
those who want to use their toy for anal play. Usually, the longer the
dildo the thicker but sometimes this isn’t true, you can check these
specifics on our products.

anal lovers, you might want a jelly suction dildo so you can gradually
get into the mood and make sure you aren’t moving too fast. Those who
have used sex toys and dildos before will likely want a large jelly
dildo for maximum penetration, or even a double ended jelly dildo for
pleasure in more than one place.

If you’re single and looking for a new masturbation sex toy or in a relationship looking to spice things up in the bedroom, a jelly toy could be exactly what you are looking for. Dildos are a versatile sex toy option as you can put them almost anywhere, most enjoy inserting them into the vagina or anus. The shape of our dildos symbolises a penis, but we offer a range of colours and sizes, so they don’t always look like a penis. Stimulate your g-spot with a dildo or another sex toy we offer online. All orders will be delivered in discreet packaging just in case you need to keep your goods a secret.

Jelly dildos are known for their flexibility, and they will suit anyone who wants to play and get in the mood with the help of a toy. Our soft jelly dildo sex toys are affordable, exactly what you need from a toy you want to use regularly. Whether it’s anal or vaginal pleasure you will be using it for, there are some different toy options available.

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    Jelly Dildo FAQs

    How Does a Long Jelly Dildo Differ From Other Dildos?

    Jelly dildos are different from your regular dildo as they’re more flexible, you can bend them more and they aren’t designed to be stuck in one spot. This type of dildo will be useful to introduce you to using sex toys if you’re a beginner that hasn’t had much sexual experience or many partners, keep an eye out for a small jelly dildo.

    What is the Best Material For Sex Toys?

    Jelly dildos and jelly anal dildos will usually be made from silicone-like many other sex toys and this material is the best for both vagina and anal use. A silicone jelly dildo is suitable to use on a regular basis as it’s easy to clean, body-safe and it can withstand heat when things are getting especially fiery in the bedroom.

    What is The Best Lubricant To Use with a Jelly Dildo?

    The best lubricant to maximise your pleasure when using a jelly dildo or jelly anal dildo is water or silicon-based, any oil-based lubes will break down the jelly and ruin your toy in the long run. We have a wide range of lubricants you can try out with a jelly dildo and some of them are flavoured, like the water-based cherry lubes.