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Looking to take your sexual experiences to the next level? Why not explore our tentacle dildo range. Sure to provide pleasure and satisfaction that will take your intimate moments to a new level of excitement, our tentacle dildos are designed to spice up your romantic life and are suitable for a range of sexual activities, just like our dragon dildos. Shop our range of the best tentacle dildos including dog dildos and enjoy discreet delivery on all orders.

Are you wondering what on earth a tentacle dildo is? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Tentacle dildos are a type of phallic legend-inspired sex toy. Created with ultimate fantasies in mind, and enjoyed by BDSM fetishists, and sci-fi cosplay fans alike; the tentacle dildo takes penetration to a whole new level. Browse our range and buy online here at Mega Pleasure.

What Does a Tentacle Dildo Do?

those who aren’t in the know, let us explain: They feature various
designs based on mythical Kraken-like Sea monsters – and they look a tad
scary, to say the least. As such, they make an ideal party piece at any
BDSM event or private roleplay night.

what does a tentacle dildo do exactly? Well, they have different
purposes, depending on the one you choose. They all look unrealistic and
are based on imagined fantasy worlds. For those who are partial to a
bit of kink, they are a way to act out fantastical roleplay. The focus
is that you are engaged in some sea creature lovemaking and getting in
on some tentacle sex action. 

tentacle dildo is a way to bring fresh sexual experiences to the party,
whilst promoting imagination. These types of sex toys usually feature
suckers (like a sea monster might). The very different outer features
and textures achieve new sensations. This intense and unique stimulation
is totally unlike experiencing penetration from a normal dildo, or an
actual penis.

How Popular Are Tentacle Dildos?

It may surprise you to discover just how popular tentacle dildos have become. The trend for such kink-led sex toys continues to soar. The fantasy-based dildos appeal to quite a range of people. Some are into bondage and BDSM play, others love sci-fi and fantasy cosplay. Whatever your orientation or sexual preferences, it seems the tentacle dildo has much to offer. From the growth in demand for tentacle dildos in the UK, you can rest assured this adult sex toy is here to stay.

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Tentacle Dildo Related FAQs

Is it weird to buy a tentacle dildo?

What’s freakishly weird to some, is completely normal to others. In that respect, who’s to say what is weird or not? Moreover, why should you care? When alone with your partner, you should feel free to explore whatever feels right. Just make sure your S.O is on the same page!

What sex accessories should I use with a tentacle dildo?

You can find a wide selection of sex toys and tentacle dildos in the UK. Our online sex shop is geared up to provide you with everything your night of roleplay fun, or BDSM adventure may need. Find your perfect fantasy cosplay costume or a pleasure-giving gift for some orgasmic foreplay fun. 

Should I gift someone a tentacle dildo?

Unless you intimately know that person and their sexual likes, gifting a tentacle dildo is not the best idea to have. This type of gift is extremely personal and private, and some people may not like it. This is never a good gift for your mum, your nan, or casual work acquaintances!

How long should you use a tentacle dildo for?

Feel free to use this kind of sex toy for as long as you wish. If you apply sex lubes and feel comfortable, the sky (and beyond) is the limit.

Are tentacle dildos delivered discreetly in the UK?

Online retailers understand the need for ensuring utmost privacy when delivering tentacle dildos or sex toys within the UK. Any reputable online shop will clearly state they provide discreet postage and packaging.