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Why not add a pair of long black wet look gloves to your bedroom wet look clothing look for a seductive twist? Choose from a range of different styles including wet look long gloves and short wet look gloves to suit your needs and transform every touch. We also stock a range of high-quality wet look gloves for men perfect for teasing and tantilising. Are you ready to give wet look gloves a try? Explore our range of wet look lingerie today and find the perfect pair to match. Get discreet home delivery on all orders when you shop with us today.

Add a pair of long black wet look gloves to your bedroom look for a seductive twist. Choose from a range of different styles to suit everyone and transform every touch. Shop the best wet look gloves in our online sex shop now.

Buy Long Black Wet Look Gloves for Your Kinky Bedroom Look

your best pair of long black wet look gloves up to your elbow to ooze
extra sex appeal and leave your lover drooling. Our wet look gloves are
perfect for elevating your kinky bedroom look and are a great way to
incorporate some sensation play into your foreplay. The cool, smooth
feel of the long black wet look gloves feel incredible when traced over
the body or when used to carry out certain sexual acts. Try
incorporating wet look long gloves during your sensual massage with massage oils and feel how the glossy fabric glides over the skin.

Choose our wet look long gloves as part of your kinky bedroom look and pair with your favourite sexy lingerie.
By incorporating wet look gloves into your look, you can radiate
elegance and eroticism like never before. Once you try out a pair of our
wet look long gloves, they will forever be a staple in your lingerie
look. Make sure you’re stocked up on condoms and lube for your passionate night.

Wet Look Fingerless Gloves for Fetish Wear

collection of wet look fingerless gloves gives you the incredibly
erotic fetish look but leaves your fingers free to explore your lovers
body. A seductive pair of wet look fingerless gloves gives your fetish
wear an edge to excite your lover and create the ultimate finished look.
Wet look fingerless gloves are just what your fetish lingerie needs;
they’re super sexy to look at with a fingerless cut for unlimited

Style our range of wet look fingerless gloves with wet look lingerie
for a passionate night of play or pair with some wet look clothing for
your next fetish party; you’ll undoubtedly turn heads when you’re
wearing your favourite pair. Our wet look fingerless gloves come in a
range of different materials like PVC, latex, leather and more so that
you can choose your ideal look. For a super high-shine glossy glove
choose PVC or latex and for a muted shine that still looks gorgeously
kinky opt for a wet look leather. Shop the full range of wet look gloves

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Wet Look Gloves FAQs

How do I wear wet look gloves?

Wet look gloves are an extremely sexy accessory that you can wear for any lingerie look. The gloves add an edge to your outfit and can be used as part of your play to explore different sensations on the body. Slide the wet look gloves onto your hand by placing your fingers in each finger hole and then slide the glove up your arm.

Why do people wear wet look gloves during sex?

Wet look gloves can elevate your fetish look or can be used to satisfy a glove fetish itself. The material of the glove enhanced the fetish and you can use the glove to explore your pleasure and glove fantasy how you like. Gloves are a great accessory to elevate your kinky look in the bedroom or at fetish parties.