Realistic Dildos

Are you looking for a unique and exciting way to enhance your pleasure? Whether this is your very first or fifth sex toy, our range of realistic dildos won't disappoint. Suitable for those looking to take their sexual experiences to the next level, our exclusive realistic dildo product range will allow you to accurately play out any erotic adventure, delivering maximum satisfaction. Shop our range of the best realistic dildos including metal dildos and huge dildos today.

Satisfy your every desire with our range of realistic dildos that are designed carefully down to every detail to give you the sensation of a real penis. Our ultra-realistic dildos for women and men are available in an array of lengths, girths and colours to bring your ideal penis to life. Shop our huge range of the most realistic dildos you’ll find in our online sex shop for discreet packaging.

Buy the Best Realistic Dildos for Women

Mega Pleasure is a leading supplier of the most realistic dildos for women online. Choose from a wide range of realistic dildos including dildos with foreskin, thin realistic dildos, thick realistic dildos, and everything in between for a natural-looking dildo that leaves you satisfied and lusting for more every time. Our classic realistic dildos are the perfect addition to your goody drawer to provide a one-of-a-kind sensation unlike any other sex toy. Find the best realistic dildo in our collection now and get off every time. Pair with a vibrator or butt plug for wonderfully intense pleasure.

Realistic Dildos for Men

Our realistic dildos for men come in all shapes and sizes and are the perfect anal sex toy for more advanced anal adventurers. Try out a dildo with realistic foreskin if an uncircumcised penis is your kink or try out a thin ultra-realistic dildo if you’re just a beginner in anal experimentation. Our realistic dildos are soft and lifelike enough to turn you on with a real feel down to every bulging vein. Use alone during solo play or with your partner for some erotic anal play. If you’re just starting out with realistic dildos for men, warm up with a butt plug to get you going before inserting the most realistic dildo you’ll ever find. Shop now to find your most realistic dildo for men.

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Realistic Dildo Related FAQs

How do You Use a Realistic Dildo?

Our ultra-realistic dildos and dildos with foreskin are soft and designed to look and feel like a man’s erect penis. Dildos are very simple to use for both men and women and can be inserted into an orifice of your choice. Perfect for solo play or sex with a partner.

We recommend using a water-based lube for ease of insertion and increased pleasure – why not even try out a stimulating lube for added intense sensations? Get yourself turned on by watching porn, reading an erotic novel or by playing with yourself before inserting the dildo into your vagina or anus. The details on the realistic dildo will feel just like a real penis and will have you moaning with pleasure. Explore different positions with your dildo to find what hits the spot just right and try using like clit vibrators or nipple clamps for extra erotic stimulation.

How do You Clean a Realistic Dildo?

Once you’ve finished with your realistic dildo, it’s important to clean thoroughly to prevent bacterial or yeast infections following the next use. Wash with a sex toy cleaner or alternatively with lukewarm water and gentle soap. If you’re using a dildo with foreskin, be sure to clean under the foreskin properly.

Let your realistic dildo air try on a clean towel and then store in a clean, dry area away from dust, sunlight and heat.