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3 Inch Dildos

A dildo doesn’t always need to be on the large size to provide all the pleasure you need, making our range of 3 inch dildos the perfect option. Pocket-sized fun with plenty of grip and girth, choose from our wide range of amazing options within our dildo collection here at Mega Pleasure. Browse and buy the perfect match for you online today and get discreet delivery.

Experience the Perfect 3 Inch Dildo

Finding the perfect size sex toy is a beautiful thing, and sometimes going larger just for the sake of it won’t provide the desired results. If you want something handheld that is easy to hold and provides more targeted pleasure, a 3 inch dildo can be perfect. You’ll find that whilst the length is shorter than other options available, this doesn’t mean it lacks in the girth stakes which is just as important, if not more so! You’ll find a range of different textures, colours and designs, from realistic dildos to something much more fantastical like dragon dildos or tentacle dildos.

The best thing about a 3 inch dildo is that you can be precise about where and how you want to play with it. A smaller dildo provides more control and targeted pleasure, whereas larger options are just all about fitting as much in as possible – a different sensation and sometimes more uncomfortable. A 3 inch dildo can be used for longer without overstretching or deeply penetrating your anus or vagina. This can potentially provide a much better experience if wanting to have a long session of solo love or delicately tease your partner during foreplay.

Not only does a 3 inch dildo provide a different way to enjoy yourself, it’s the perfect size to keep on the go in your bag or pocket! Just think of the endless possibilities you can get off throughout the day with this to hand, ready to go.

3 Inch Dildos & More in Our Range

Whether you want something smaller or a different option in your sexy toybox, 3 inch dildos can be a perfect option. Here at Mega Pleasure, we cater for all sizes and girths, so you can always find your perfect fit and take your desires to new levels. Make sure you browse or whole range we have to offer, from double-ended dildos to jelly dildos, there is literally something for everyone. Remember to put fun at the top of your priority list and try something new and unique today in our online store.

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3 Inch Dildo FAQs

Is a 3 inch dildo the smallest size available?

Dildos don’t come much smaller than our 3 inch options, and we have a range of smaller sizes if you’re looking for something below average. If the likes of monster dildos make you wince at the thought, we have many smaller options including 4 inch dildos too.

Are 3 inch dildos best for beginners?

Yes, they can be the ideal way to introduce yourself or a partner to the wonderful world of dildos. It’s always a good idea to start with a modest size before taking on a rubbery beast to ensure you find the right size for you. Too big can be too painful for some, so if you’re a novice, something like a 3 inch dildo is the perfect place to begin your pleasure journey.

Do 3 inch dildos come in different girth sizes?

You’ll find many different girthy options throughout our 3 inch dildo selection. Most will come in a standard size, but we also have thicker options as well as smaller, more manageable dildos that can help you concentrate on a specific area you want to target. If you’ve not used a larger girth before, you may want to brace yourself or try a regular option first to see what works best for you and your partner.