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Are you on the look out for BDSM spreader bars or a BDSM labia spreader to add to your toy collection? Then look no further than MegaPleasure's labia spreaders. We stock a selection of affordable labia spreader toys that can be used for a variety of sexual activities. So, whether you are looking to spice up your romantic life or indulge in your deepest desires, our labia spreaders are sure to deliver both pleasure and satisfaction. Explore our labia spreader sex toy and complementing sex handcuffs today and get discreet delivery.

Open up to a new way of getting easy access to the fun by using one of the many labia spreaders we have available in our online sex shop. Designed to provide increased pleasure to your genitals whether during oral sex or penetration, you’ll find labia spreader BDSM has plenty for you to like. Browse the full range of labia spreaders here and choose your new favourite toy to add to your collection by buying online.

Discover the Thrill of Labia Spreader BDSM

Whilst they may seem like some form of torture device, a labia spreader will definitely provide more thrills than scares once you’ve tried one. Designed to fit around your genitals snugly and spread the labia so that you have hands-free access, we have plenty of designs to suit your needs. Whilst some labia spreaders may look less than comfortable to wear, looks can be deceiving. Whether using leather and metal hook style labia spreader BDSM toys, or something more silicone and colourful in nature, each type of labia spreader works differently.

Very much a part of the bondage family of sex toys, labia spreaders with leather and metal certainly look the part. Worn around the thighs with rubber-ended clips spreading the labia, these take more effort to put on than our silicone options. These can be inserted into the vagina, leaving the rubber arms to spread the labia externally. It all comes down to what you’re into, so if the labia spreader BDSM look is for you, there’s plenty to choose from. If you prefer this toy to be much simpler to use and more friendly, the silicone designs are for you. Either way, you’ll be able to achieve heightened satisfaction whether using a dildo, vibrator, or your partner’s tongue to maximum effect.

Buy Labia Spreaders Online Today

If you’ve not enjoyed the pleasure of a labia spreader before, you don’t know what you’re missing! Simple to use and perfect if you are tired of holding your labia open when you or your partner’s hand could be put to better use, after the first try you’ll see exactly why these sex toys for women have become so popular.

Why not look into other products you may not have tried before too, such as shibari roping where you can tie yourself or your partner into different positions, or experience another form of vaginal pleasure using clit clamps. There’s no limit to the fun when using any of the products available in our online sex shop. Push your pleasure threshold to the limit and choose a new toy today for discreet delivery.

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    Labia Spreader FAQs

    Why should I buy a labia spreader?

    Why not? Many of the products we have available may at first feel strange or unusual, but part of the fun is trying something new and experiencing a new sensation. Labia spreaders when worn can feel extremely intimate when used with a partner. The pleasure is all about you as your partner uses their tongue or penis to drive you wild. They’re also very practical as it allows you to keep your or your partner’s hands free to use other toys and keep your labia spread. What you do with your hands is then up to you!

    Is a labia spreader painful?

    It shouldn’t be no, as long as you are using as directed in the instructions. Silicone labia spreaders are simply inserted and then held in place and are made from flexible, soft material. This means they shouldn’t cause any discomfort or pain in the same way as inserting a flexible dildo or similar. If the labia spreader has clips, make sure you attach them carefully to avoid any sudden discomfort.

    How do I attach a labia spreader?

    If looking to buy labia spreader BDSM toys, then you’ll need to attach the metal clips or the full metal device around your labia instead. These are generally more involved than the silicone varieties that you just pop into place inside your vagina. Each product will come with easy-to-follow instructions so that you can attach it correctly for optimal use.