Nipple Vibrators

Do you want to enhance your pleasure? Perfect for use during a sensual solo session or during sex with your partner, nipple vibrators provide the perfect cherry on top to your playtime. Shop our full range of nipple vibrators now and explore our bullet vibrators and clitoral vibrators for double the amount of stimulation and enjoy discreet home delivery on any bullet vibrators order. Shop now!

Give your nipples some extra care and attention with our range of sensationally stimulating nipple vibrators. Our range of female and male nipple vibrators are perfect for that extra stimulation to heighten your sexual experience and help you reach orgasm. Shop the full collection of vibrating nipple stimulators now in our online sex shop for discreet packaging.

Buy the Best Nipple Vibrators in the UK

Mega Pleasure stocks the best nipple vibrators to enhance your sexual experience. Our vibrating nipple toys are the best erotic accessory to take your masturbation or sex with your partner to the next level by creating arousing sensations that ripple through your body. Our range of vibrating nipple stimulators are adjustable so that you get the right speed and perfect level of pinch and are perfect for stimulating other areas of your body too. Play around and see what works for you! Shop the best nipple vibrators now and pair them with a clit vibrator or dildo for some solo fun or accessorise your sexy lingerie with our nipple vibrators for an erotic look.

Male Nipple Vibrators for Enhanced Stimulation

Women and men can both enjoy the sweet sensations of nipple vibrators. The vibrations stimulate the many nerve endings found in the nipples and can help you reach a wonderful orgasm. Our range of male nipple vibrators are the perfect sex toy for enhanced pleasure and can be used during masturbation for a sensual solo session along with fleshlights or butt plugs or can be used during sex with your partner for that little cherry on top. Shop the full range of nipple vibrators for men now and never look back.

Vibrating Nipple Toys

From vibrating nipple suckers to vibrating nipple lassos, we have the perfect vibrating nipple toys to suit your needs whether you’re a beginner with nipple play or a veteran. Don’t neglect your nips! Adding a vibrating nipple stimulator can increase arousal, heighten sensitivity and you might even reach orgasm just from nipple stimulation alone! Experiment with our huge range of vibrating nipple toys and give yourself an incredibly erotic experience.

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Nipple Vibrator Related FAQs

How do You Have a Nipple Orgasm?

If you ever thought that you can only orgasm through your private parts, you’re very wrong. You can actually orgasm through various erogenous zones including the nipples. Stimulating your nips can trigger pleasure through your entire body as men and women both have many nerve endings throughout the breast area.

When your nipples are aroused, they send signals to your genital sensory cortex in your brain which is the same area that is triggered through genital stimulation. By stimulating your nipples, you can build up the sensation until you eventually reach orgasm. Some may need extra stimulation on other erogenous zones around their body, so play around and see what gets you going!

How do You Use Nipple Vibrators?

Nipple vibrators are a great way to get some extra stimulation and arousal. To use them, they usually have clamps or some sort of way to attach them to your nipples. Attach them in a way that feels most comfortable and change the vibration settings to what feels the best for you.