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You know the saying; go hard or go home. Our collection of fetish underwear is the perfect addition to any erotic adventure. We don't just stock women's fetish underwear but mens fetish underwear as well as the best fetish underwear available to purchase online. So, whether you are looking to spice up your romantic life with our fetich accessories or upgrade your fetish underwear, you can rely on MegaPleasure. Explore our collection of best-selling fetish underwear and enjoy discreet home delivery on orders.

Are you staying in for a night of fetish play? Then you'll need fetish underwear to complete the vibe. Make sure you've got the perfect pair, and choose from our selection of latex, wet look briefs and thongs. Our range of men and women's fetish underwear is made from glossy fabrics to allure your playmate and compliment your figure with all the right zones exposed. Get your shiny BDSM look ready.

Underwear Fetish Play: Ideas

Like any sexual fantasy and desires, there are endless ways to play with an underwear fetish, whether male or female, gay or straight. For some, simply wearing their favourite fetish underwear can be an enticing turn on, but there are plenty of ideas if you want to crank things up a notch. Wearing sexy underwear in any sense allows you and your partner to worship your body – the way the material and style caresses the figure of you, or your partner can be a turn-on. There is something for everyone.

Fetish underwear takes things to another level, as an underwear fetish is the love of your partner's garments as a hot extension of them. The materials, smells and textures can all heighten the arousal of someone with an underwear fetish. Fetish underwear can also be worn as a form of humiliation play, where one is made to wear something they find embarrassing. This may appeal to someone who enjoys being submissive in BDSM play sessions. Latex fetish underwear is trendy in the world of BDSM, and it's almost like a second skin. Fetish underwear can also be indulged in long-distance relationships, where couples send their used garments back and forth. This can allow you to feel closer by smelling their worn panties – how's that for a love letter?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to fetish underwear, whether it be latex fetish underwear or leather fetish underwear. Experimental play is only the beginning.

Women & Men's Fetish Underwear UK & Bondage Costumes

As you browse our range of women and men's fetish underwear, you can unleash your desires even more profound by exploring role play with your favourite sexy games. Pair up men's fetish underwear with bondage costumes like a policeman or doctor for some power play. Why not try a seductive nurse's outfit for women's fetish underwear or punish your partner in a teacher's costume equipped with a naughty whip. Indeed, you can give your partner extra special attention with some bondage instruments and sex toys to make the fantasy come to life.

Tease your partner with women and male fetish underwear made with sexy see-through fabrics, giving them a sneak peek of what is underneath. Perhaps try some kinky crotchless knickers or male fetish underwear with detachable pouches so that you can flip them off and on when required. Whatever your kink and sexuality, we have a range of women and men's fetish underwear to suit you.

Male Underwear Fetish & Gay Underwear Fetish

Both men's fetish leather underwear and latex are trendy for gay underwear fetishes. Take a step outside of your comfort zone, and swap regular cotton briefs with more wild latex fetish underwear.

Choosing the right men's fetish underwear can be a bit overwhelming, given there is so much to explore. Kinks and pleasures are personal – what excites you might not excite your partner. Some men get aroused by wearing men's fetish underwear, while others enjoy seeing it on their partner. Sexy and provocative fetish wear combined with playful toys can be heavenly arousal. The open-back pleasure and freedom of jockstraps are a common fetish, though others enjoy the feminine look and feel of panties, thongs, or G-strings.

Women's Fetish Underwear

Ladies fetish underwear is just as great. There are plenty of options to help you set the tone of your fetish playdate. You can find women's fetish underwear that creates the perfect look for BDSM play.

You can draw attention to your hot spots with ladies fetish underwear that flatters your curves. The glossy look of latex and the sex appeal of leather will turn up the heat.

Underwear Fetish: Combine Fetish Underwear with BDSM Accessories

Take your underwear fetish to the next level with our range of BDSM accessories, instruments, and sex toys. If you love being tied up, spanked, or gagged (or if you're the one doing the tying, spanking, and gagging), then you'll love our range of fetish underwear in leather, latex, or vinyl. The fetish underwear we stock will elevate your bondage look and make your sexual experience even more erotic. Pair your underwear fetish with other BDSM and bondage accessories like ball and mouth gags, blindfolds, restraints, or paddles to create an unforgettable night.

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What is an underwear fetish?

An underwear fetish is where underwear or undergarments in general highly sexually arouse one. Whether it be lacey lingerie sets, stockings, bras, thongs, or other items, some experience the sexual excitement of seeing their partner dressed in sexy underwear; others can get turned on from wearing it. Some's love for underwear goes further to them getting aroused by handling or smelling the underwear. Some might get turned on by certain materials, textures, and smells, hence fetish underwear in latex, PVC, leather etc. There are endless variations on how an underwear fetish can look and feel.

Where Can You Buy Fetish Underwear UK?

Fetish underwear is available in stores or online, such as Mega Pleasure.

How to Put Latex Fetish Underwear on?

Fetish underwear is often made from latex, PVC, rubber, etc. Therefore, it's best to be completely naked. These materials are so tight that even the smallest G-string will give you a VPL. Take things slow to ensure the latex fetish underwear doesn't bunch up.