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Prepare to wave goodbye to quickies and premature ejaculation with our collection of delay condoms. Designed to keep you going for much longer, a delay condom is guaranteed to provide an intense and satisfying orgasm time and time again. So if you're ready to take your sexual experiences to new heights, find a range of the best delay condoms and sensation condoms suitable for you and your partner. Plus, enjoy discreet delivery on all orders including our bulk condoms.

Some of the best orgasms happen after prolonged teetering on the edge of climax, and you can enjoy this sensation even more with delay condoms. Wave goodbye to quickies and premature ejaculation as these long lasting condoms keep you going for much longer, offering an intense and satisfying orgasm time and time again.

We have a huge selection of sex delay condoms for you to choose from in our online sex shop, including top brands like Durex, so you can stock up your bedside drawer with the best options possible. Browse our full collection of delay condoms in the UK.

How Do Sex Delay Condoms Work?

If you want to boost your bedroom endurance and ramp up the stamina,
delay condoms and long lasting condoms are a brilliant idea. Traditional condoms
are really only designed for safe sex, long lasting condoms offer
extended pleasure for a slower, indulgent build to climax. Delay condoms
in the UK used a specially formulated sex lubricant
inside that contains benzocaine or lidocaine, which gently numbs the
tip of the penis to help delay ejaculation. The tip contains 4,000 nerve
endings, which are all wildly stimulated during penetrative sex, so the
temporary numbing agent desensitises the nerves to make you last
longer. By combining this desensitised feeling with the start-stop
edging technique, you and your partner can enjoy marathon sessions time
and time again.

The Benefits Of Delay Condoms

Confidence should go hand in hand with sex, so with the increased
stamina that comes along with the best delay condoms, you should see a
big boost to your self-assurance. Being able to last longer and see the
excitement you’re bringing to a partner can do wonders for your
confidence, and all it takes is trying a sex delay condom. You will also
find that your partner will appreciate your new endurance, particularly
female partners. It’s no secret that women often require longer periods
of stimulation to hit that perfect O, so with delay condoms, the
extended experience is a mutual pleasure. And of course, the main
benefit of using long lasting condoms is the extra safety they bring.
You can enjoy a marathon pounding session without needing to worry about
infections or unplanned pregnancies!

Buy Delay Condoms Online

Whether you need a little help with premature ejaculation or you want
to give your stamina a boost for a special occasion, try out our best
delay condoms and enjoy night-long sessions every time. Make sure you
browse our collection of long lasting condoms and stock up your bedside
drawer for your next encounter. If you have any further questions about
our delay condoms in the UK or a specific product, please contact us and
we’ll be more than happy to help.

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    Delay Condoms FAQs

    How do I last even longer with delay condoms?

    If you want to add some extra miles on to your marathon, you can use certain adult sex toys to delay climax even further. Try adding a certain cock ring into the mix to trap the blood flow in the penis for a stronger erection and to prolong the time to orgasm. Once you hit that peak, get prepared for one of the most intense climaxes of your life! These are a safe option to help you stay harder for longer, delay your orgasm, and ultimately make sex more exciting. You might also find that our penis developers can help to provide longer lasting pleasure, as well as lengthening and thickening your asset.

    Can I use lubricants with delay condoms?

    Absolutely! Sex delay condoms are already lubricated on the inside with the temporary numbing lube, but you can always add an extra lubricant to the outside for easier entry. As long as the lubricant you choose is either water-based or silicone-based, you’ll be good to go. Make sure you only use the lube on the outside of the condom to avoid losing the long lasting effects of the specialised lube inside.

    Can long lasting condoms be harmful to my skin?

    Before you buy delay condoms, it’s essential that you consider any allergies or intolerances, either to latex, benzocaine or lidocaine. If you have had any previous reactions to latex or the anaesthetics in the past, you may want to consider a different option. However, for the vast majority of people, these long lasting condoms are completely safe to use, offering the same safety levels with extra added fun.