Monster Dildos

A monster you won't be afraid of. Our range of monster dildos are perfect to use alone or with a partner, providing pleasure and satisfaction every time you use it. Suitable for a variety of sexual activities, our monster dildo collection enables you to explore solo fantasies or indulge in steamy adventures with a partner whenever you desire. Shop our collection of the best monster dildos including dragon dildos and other popular options such as dog dildos today.

There’s a reason horror movies get people in the mood – and it’s the scare factor. You do not need to wait for Halloween to get these pleasure-inducing chemicals going in your brain. Team Mega Pleasure is here to ensure you find the perfect monster dildo to put the ‘scary’ into your love life. Be brave people, be brave. Discover the best monster dildos around in our online sex shop. Learn all the must-know monster dildo facts and buy online today.

Who Are Monster Dildos For?

If you are a dildo beginner, then monster dildos are not the best place to start. Let us be honest - a monster dildo is designed to be super-human huge. We are talking epic proportions here. These kinds of sex toys are ideal for satisfying your monster fantasy, or fear-inducing fetish. If you are looking to take your monster fantasy or BDSM fun to the next level, our range of monster dildos will undoubtedly impress you.

What Types of Monster Dildos Can You Buy?

Where do we start? You’ll find an overwhelming amount of these bad boys available to buy in the UK. These extra-large dildos feature spikes, pointy bits, massive girth, twists, and everything else you can think of. You can also find a selection of multi-tasking monster dildos that double up as butt plugs, masturbators, and vibrating sex machines too. One thing is certain – using one of these sex toys ensures out-of-this-world levels of intensity and stimulation that will bring you to your knees.

Will A Monster Dildo Scare My Partner Away?

If big just does not cut it, a monster dildo will. These fantasy-inspired sex toys are jaw-droppingly large – and some people will run for the hills. For others, it is a recipe for sheer thrills and excitement. The reaction to seeing one of these legendary items varies greatly. Should you yearn to incorporate a monster dildo into your sex session tool kit, visit our online sex shop today.

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Monster Dildo Related FAQs

Do Monster Dildos Hurt?

Monster dildos are about as big as you can get. Consequently, using one may sting. Never attempt to use these without a great amount of foreplay, lubrication, and prep work. Always talk to your partner before bringing out one of these to the party.

Can Monster Dildos Damage You?

Without proper preparation, these enormous dildos can cause tearing and damage. Should you feel too much discomfort, stop immediately.

What Are the Best Monster Dildos to Buy?

There is such a broad range of monster dildos available. However, some of the most sought-after include a knobbly and wide dildo, the tentacle sea monster dildo, and the one referred to as a beast.

What Sex Games and Toys Go Well with Monster Dildos?

Monster dildos are obscenely large and make a great toy for the shock factor. Introducing these to your night of adventure necessitates a lot of lubrication and foreplay fun. As such, buying fun sex card games, foreplay-enhancing toys, and other sex aids can help prepare you for the main party piece.

You will want to gradually work your way up to the act of the night – never jump straight in! What better way to prepare your body and mind for the big event, than enjoying a couple of hours with some sensational sex games?

How Long Should We Have Foreplay Before Using a Monster Dildo?

It is important to spend ample time required to prepare before trying a monster dildo. The time needed for this varies from person to person. Always go slowly and take as much time as you need. Browse to find more inspiration on fun games, sexy clothing, and toys.