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Increase the length and girth of your penis with our range of penis enlargement pumps to give yourself a new lease of confidence in the bedroom. Our penis enlargement devices come in a range of different sizes with a range of features to help you pump it up and become a bigger and better you. Shop the full collection of penis enlargement pumps in our online sex shop now for discreet packaging

Penis Enlargement Kits for Increased Confidence

If you’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to have a bigger penis, you’ve come to the right place. Our penis enlargement kits will help you to regain your confidence by temporarily increasing the size of your penis. The length and girth both increase in size that you can wow your sexual partner before engaging in some erotic activities.

If you struggle with erectile dysfunction, penis enlargement machines are an excellent way to get a bigger penis naturally. Anyone with a condition where the blood circulation to the penis is reduced can benefit from these incredible sex toys for men. Try out a strap on penis enlarger now and see how a penis enlargement pump can boost your confidence and your sex life.

Penis Pumps for More Satisfaction

Penis enlargement machines are perfect for increasing the length and girth of your penis not only to give you confidence in the bedroom, but to increase the pleasure for you and your partner. Due to the increase in blood flow to your penis due to the pumping action, the penis enlargement device makes your skin ultra-sensitive which enhances your sexual pleasure. Not only does it increase sensitivity after you’re pumped up, but the strap on penis enlarger also actually mimics the sucking feeling of a blow job masturbator and can even bring you to orgasm leaving you feeling incredibly satisfied.

But that’s not all, by increasing the size of your penis, you’re increasing the pleasure for the one you’re penetrating too. Add a generous amount of lube to your freshly pumped-up penis and give your partner the satisfaction they’re looking for. Pair alongside a vibrator to give your lover an incredible time between the sheets.

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Penis Pump Related FAQs

How do Penis Enlargement Devices Work?

Penis enlargement devices work by creating an air-tight vacuum around your penis. You control the suction of the pump to create a vacuum which increases the blood flow in and around your penis which causes your penis to become erect. The size of the erection is temporary but can be beneficial to those who struggle with erectile dysfunction or just want a bigger penis.

How do You Use a Penis Enlargement Pump?

To get started with a penis enlargement pump, you’ll need to apply a small amount of lube to the entrance of the cylinder and then place the cylinder over your penis making sure there is an air-tight seal. Next, slowly squeeze the pump with your hand making sure to take breaks in between each one. Once you’re satisfied with the length and girth of your penis, release the valve for the air to be removed so that you can remove the cylinder from around your shaft.

A strap on penis enlarger is a great way to get yourself ready for a night of passion, however, it’s important not to leave the device on for too long (around 15-20 minutes is a good amount of time), and to not pump too hard or fast.