Dog Dildos

Our dog dildos take the meaning of doggy style to a whole new level. Inspired by your favourite canines, our dog dildo collection is designed for those looking to indulge in their deepest desires making this type of dildo, alongside our double-ended dildos, the perfect addition to any erotic adventure. Shop our exclusive collection of the best dog dildos and other toys including dragon dildos today.

Although the use of animal dildos such as the dog dildo is quite niche, they have become a sought-after item for those looking for something unique. If you want to take your roleplay into another dimension, our range of sex toys boasts a fine selection of dog, and other animal dildos (even dragon and monster dildos). Why not bring out your inner animal and discover dog knot dildos and other dog dildos in the UK that you can buy online here.

What Is a Dog Dildo?

Put quite frankly, a dog dildo is as the name suggests – a dildo fashioned to replicate a dog’s penis. The silicone sex toy comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes to mimic diverse types of canines. These intensely penetrating sex toys include dog knot dildos and wolf knot dildos. They offer extreme sensations and are definitely for the more seasoned dildo users.

What Is a Dog Knot Dildo?

For those who aren’t in-the-know, a dog’s penis is different to the human variety, in that they have a knot-like shape on the shaft. This knotted area inflates when a dog penetrates another dog. This is to lock the penis in place until the deed is done. Human penises do not – so the sex toy industry designs and manufactures animal dildos that feature said knots.

Is a Dog Dildo or Dog Knot Dildo Better to Use?

Sometimes a straight dog-like shaft dildo isn’t quite enough to send your pleasure centre into overload. A dog knot dildo is available in a wide range of sizes and styles, guaranteed to make you howl for mercy. 

Some of the dog knot dildos available to buy in the UK include two-toned dog knot dildos, ‘regular’ dog knot dildos, Dobermann dog knot dildos, and many more. Check out the full range to learn more about the various dog dildos you can buy online in the UK here in our online sex shop.

What Does a Dog Knot Dildo Look Like?

A dog knot dildo is meant to look like a canine penis, and much work is implemented to ensure they are as life-like as possible. The dog knot dildo even features glands, tissue, and veins. These features stimulate your erogenous zones to the maximum degree.

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Dog Dildo Related FAQs

Are All Dog Dildos in the UK Large?

You can buy dog dildos and dog knot dildos in many different sizes. However, the purpose of a dog dildo is to achieve the orgasmic pleasure and sensory overload you may not get from a normal-shaped dildo. For this reason (and the fact that a dog dildo is larger by default), even smaller dog dildos are quite large.

Do Dog Dildos Hurt?

If you don’t like a larger penis, consider dog dildos will come in a range of sizes, some bigger than others. Dog dildos and dog knot dildos (like all animal-shaped dildos) can be huge. For those who aren’t used to this setup, you may experience some discomfort. Whether you are an animal dildo obsessive, or just commencing your dog dildo journey, we advise you always use plenty of sex lubes (and we mean PLENTY).

Can You Buy Dog Dildos for Anal Sex?

You can buy all manner of dog dildos in the UK to accommodate both anal and vaginal intercourse. Whether you want anal dildos, vaginal dog dildos, strap-on dildos, dog knot, two-toned, or ribbed – our selection can offer the perfect sex toy for you.