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While some female lubricant users don’t have trouble getting wet down there, they just like to feel extra slippery for more friction-free fun, especially with the use of a warming and tingling lube. Fortunately, our female lubrication range is designed to make stimulation extra smooth and are sure to provide pleasure and satisfaction that will take your intimate moments to a whole new level of excitement. Explore our collection of the best female lubes and lube for sensitive skin and enjoy discreet delivery on all orders.

Most women will create enough natural lubricant, but some struggle more than others. Sex without lubricant can be more difficult and make it uncomfortable for both partners when you are trying to get naughty together. Luckily, at Mega Pleasure we have the best lube for females in the UK, our lubricants can be used without sex toys. Always double-check the instructions but most lubes can be used for both vaginal and anal play.

Some lubricant users don’t have trouble getting wet down there, they just like to feel extra slippery for more friction-free fun. Our online sex toy shop has a range of toys you can use with lubricant. All our packages are discreetly wrapped so you can order whatever you like, without anyone knowing.

Sex Toys That Need Lubricant

It is more common to need lubricant for sex toys used for penetration, rather than external toys like clitoral vibrators. However, some like to apply warming and tingling lube to make stimulation extra smooth and exciting. The more sensitive you are, the more aroused you will become with lubricants.

those having trouble with female natural lube, you will need a
lubricant for vaginal pleasure. It’s worth bearing in mind if you use
condoms a lubricant can make sex with them safer and generally smoother.
Some condoms
don’t have enough lubricant or any lubricant, so find your own to pair
with condoms. Double-check the lube is latex safe before purchasing.

For anal play, you will need lube as the anus doesn’t make its own natural lubricant. To avoid injury it’s essential to use anal lube whether you are using toys, or not. It’s worth putting the lubricant straight onto your toys before insertion.

best lubes for females in the UK will all come down to preference but
we recommend trying out a few different types. This is the only way you
will be able to work out what is best for personal female lubrication.
If you want something ultra-gentle, we have a sensitive skin gel that’s
guaranteed not to cause any reactions or discomfort.

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    Female Lubrication FAQs

    Why Am I Not Producing Enough Natural Lubricant?

    If you aren’t producing enough female natural lube and you did in the past, it could be down to a few different factors. Women who are going through menopause can experience vaginal dryness, this can result in sex being painful. If you’re not old enough for menopause and you don’t think it’s hormone-related, it could also be psychological and consequently, your sex drive is down. Finding the best lube for females in the UK doesn't need to be difficult - that's why the Mega Pleasure team is here to help! 

    Can Birth Control Cause Vaginal Dryness?

    Another cause of vaginal dryness can be birth control, if you are experiencing the dryness after you have just started taking the pill or other contraception this might also be the reason. Some low-dose pills have a small amount of estrogen and this is the hormone responsible for keeping vaginal tissues lubricated.

    Should I Go For a Silicone-Based Lubricant?

    Silicone lubes tend to be the most popular and are readily available. Get hold of the best female lubricant from us at Mega Pleasure and you won’t regret it. Silicone lube has a few more benefits than water-based lubes, it’s waterproof and has a silk feel to it. However, if you are prone to sensitive skin, silicone-based lubricant might not be the best female lube to purchase, perhaps try out a water-based lube.

    What Is The Best Lube for Fisting?

    The best lubricant for those who are into fisting is our extra-thick fist it lubricant, a water-based product that has the consistency of a gel. This lubricant gel for female and male users will get you ready for any type of penetration.