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Empowered Products Lubricants

Empowered Products UK are a leading sexual wellness product brand that strive to enhance your sexual experiences. The incredible sex toys, lubes and condoms that they design are tailored specifically towards men and women so that you can get the most out of your pleasure. Shop the full range of Empowered Products in our online sex shop now.

Buy Empowered Products UK

Products was founded in 2009 in Nevada USA and is dedicated to offering
high quality sexual wellness products that are elegantly packaged for
both men and women. In the collection we have here at MegaPleasure,
you’ll notice the PINK brand and the Gun Oil brand that are specifically
targeted to men (Gun Oil) and women (PINK). These two brands are
leading products in the sex industry and are sold in over 30 countries
around the world.

Products UK specialise in sex lubricant that’s targeted to either men or
women in the two brands mentioned above, however they also specialise
in well designed and expertly crafted sex toys for men, women and
couples. Men can enjoy the wonders of a prostate massager to give an
intense, full body orgasm or get the incredibly realistic sensation of
an oral stroker that combines thrilling texture, deep-throat mimicking
sleeves and a huge range of modes to tailor your experience to suit your
needs. The range of PINK toys allows women to explore different clitoral stimulation toys, rabbit vibrators and classic bullets
for targeted stimulation during masturbation or foreplay. Empowered
Products have a huge range of sexual wellness products available for you
so shop the full range now right here.

Shop Empowered Products Sex Lube for The Best Sexual Experiences

make sure you have the best experience during sex, you need to make
sure you have enough lubrication to enjoy a longer, steamier session.
Whether you’re engaging in penetrative play, anal play, or masturbation,
it’s a good idea to have your favourite lube
on hand to create effortless gliding and stroking. Empowered Products
have the best range of sex lubricants for you to choose from to enhance
your pleasure.

As many sexual wellness companies throughout the years
are striving to come up with new and exciting ways you can elevate your
sex life, it can be overwhelming choosing which lube to choose. That’s
where Empowered Products stands out as they’ve split their products into
two main categories:

Empowered Products Gun Oil

oil was first used by male soldiers to release their stresses through
masturbation while at the battlefields. Knowing this, the founders of
Empowered Products decided to create Gun Oil lubricants by changing the
ingredients to develop body-safe, hypoallergenic and user-friendly lube
that could replace this. Gun Oil lube has been specially developed
without parabens or glycerine and are made with the finest ingredients.
The Gun Oil lubes come water-based and silicone-based so that you can
get your tailored desired experience.

Empowered Products PINK

products were designed for women in a feminine packaging that
incorporates the playful yet classy efforts to make a product you’ll use
every time. The packaging resembles the packaging of beauty products so
it can be discreetly displayed alongside your other cosmetics or skin
care. PINK lubes are also glycerine and paraben free, hypoallergenic,
body safe and are specially formulated for vaginal lubrication.
Empowered Products sex lube for women are suitable for a range of
different condoms and sex toys making them your new best friend when it comes to personal pleasure. Choose from silicone-based lube and water-based lube depending on your personal preference.

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Empowered Products FAQs

When’s the best time to use lube by Empowered Products?

To make your sexual experience the best it could be, we recommend always using Empowered Products lube! Whether you’re engaging in sex, foreplay or masturbation, including a lube reduces the friction felt which ensures comfort whilst also heightening the sensations felt. A slippery experience during sex is exactly what you need to increase arousal and help you reach orgasm.

How much Empowered Products lube should you use during sex?

As we always say, the wetter the better! The more lube you use, the more glide you’ll have which will make the experience more pleasurable. If using water-based lube, you may need to reapply throughout your play as it can soak into the skin due to its water base, but silicone-based lube is more water resistant and long standing for those long, steamy sessions! However, make sure to avoid using silicone lube when playing with silicone sex toys as it can break down the material and compromise safety.