Penis Extender Sleeves

Our collection of penis extender sleeves are the perfect addition to any erotic adventure leaving both you and your partner wanting more after every use. Designed to deliver maximum satisfaction, get ready to unlock a new variety of sexual activities with our penis extender sleeve range and find the best one for you. Discover our best penis extenders and sleeves and explore our collection of toys including male vibrators today. Get discreet home delivery on all orders including our male mastubators collection.

Upgrade your play with our range of penis sleeve sex toys to give you a stronger and girthier erection that can benefit both the wearer and the receiver. You’ll never look back on sex without a cock sleeve again! Mega Pleasure stock the best penis sleeves in the UK, shop our full range now from our online sex shop and get discreet packaging.

Best Penis Sleeves in the UK

Mega Pleasure are a leading supplier of penis sleeves in the UK to enhance the pleasure felt by the wearer and the receiver. Our cock sleeves come in a range of shapes and sizes with many different functions that benefit the receiver. Many of our small and large penis sleeve toys come with extra textures such as bumps, nubs, and ridges for extra stimulation. Our high-quality silicone penis sleeves for men come in a range of styles, whether you want the thrilling experience of sporting someone else’s penis, or if you want more girth to please your partner, we have a cock sleeve for you. Our range of the best penis sleeves in the UK will also decrease sensitivity for the wearer, meaning you can go harder for longer! Shop now alongside other adult sex toys such as vibrators for men and butt plugs for some elevated play.

Vibrating Penis Sleeves for Men

What’s better than a penis? That’s right, a vibrating penis. Take your penis from ordinary to extraordinary with our range of vibrating penis sleeve toys for men. Not only will this feel incredible whilst you’re wearing it, but your partner will also be delighted with the extra vibrations whilst being penetrated. Discover the full range of vibrating penis sleeves online in our sex shop now!

BDSM Leather Penis Sleeves

Try out our range of leather penis sleeves for that kinky BDSM look. Experience a whole new level of bondage and BDSM with our range of leather penis sleeves, perfect for embracing the bondage look and can make your penis feel harder and stronger. Pair with bondage handcuffsbondage whips and other bondage accessories for the full experience.

Inflatable Penis Extenders

Use an inflatable penis sleeve to elevate your experience and create a whole new sensation. The tightness will give you a sensational feeling, and the girth is sure to please your lover. Just put on the inflatable penis sleeve toy and inflate to control the sensations that will make you feel incredible.

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Penis Extender Sleeve FAQs

Why Use a Penis Sleeve?

Not only does a silicone penis sleeve feel incredible for the wearer, but the receiver also gets some great sensations from it! Find penis sleeves in a variety of styles and textures to bring your pleasure to the next level. The cock sleeve is also a great introductory sex toy for couples. It’s easily slipped over the penis for those wanting more texture or girth and is great for men who want to last longer as having some material in between the penis and the vagina or anus decreases sensitivity. Shop our range of small and large penis sleeve sex toys now for a very special experience.

Do Women Like Penis Sleeves?

Many woemn will be open to the idea of trying penis sleeves, although it is important to make sure that they have consented and are aware that you are using one (aside from being highly unethical otherwise, it may be a turn-off if she found out without you telling her!). If you're wearing a penis sleeve, you may be more confident and long-lasting, and there may even be some stimulating perks that she can enjoy with you wearing a penis sleeve. There are lots of benefits and many women love them too!