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Butt plugs are as great as they come. But have you introduced a thrusting butt plug into your playtime? We provide a range of exciting thrusting butt plugs designed to intensify your sexual experiences. Perfect addition to any erotic adventure, you won't be at a loss for the best thrusting butt plugs to choose from. Shop our thrusting butt plug collection and explore our other anal play products including vibrating butt plugs and inflatable butt plugs.

Butt plugs are one of the most popular types of sex toys on the market as more of us experiment with new ways to spice up our bedroom antics and explore our fantasies. If you’re a fan of butt plugs but could use some extra saucy stimulation, we’d love to introduce you to the thrusting butt plug. These sleek sex toys used for anal play offer a twist on the most loved butt plug. 

With added vibrations and a built-in motor to give you the sensation of thrusting this advanced sex toy is changing the game when it comes to backdoor pleasure. Shop the best thrusting butt plugs in our online sex shop for sensations like you’ve never felt before.

Experiment with Thrusting Butt Plugs for Men and Women

It’s a common misconception that thrusting butt plugs are simply made for men that enjoy anal pleasure or prostate massage. Whilst it’s true that a thrusting butt plug can offer heightened prostate massage with its additional vibrations and thrusting actions for a mind-blowing orgasm, women can also benefit from this sex toy too. The anus has the second-highest concentration of nerve endings in the body (it’s no wonder they feel so good!) – so women can use a thrusting butt plug to put pressure on the back vaginal wall to make sex feel even more pleasurable!

Whether you’re experimenting with anal play alone, or with a partner, both of you can benefit from a thrusting butt plug to increase the tantalising sensations that come with a mind-blowing orgasm. Experiment with other types of vibrators and couples sex toys to add new levels to your sex sessions.  

When experimenting with the best thrusting butt plugs, you can make your experience even more pleasurable by adding anal sex aids for seamless and friction-free insertion and play, so you can experience anal pleasure like never before.

Buy Thrusting Butt Plugs at Mega Pleasure

If you’re looking for an anal sex toy to enhance your pleasure in new ways, a thrusting butt plug is the perfect choice. With the ability to massage the prostate, get those nerve endings tingling, and a range of vibration settings to suit you, a thrusting butt plug could be just what you’ve been looking for.

At Mega Pleasure, our collection of male sex toys is extensive. If you’re interested in anal play but you still think of yourself as a beginner, why not try our range of beginner butt plugs? These sleek anal toys come with a smooth surface and a flared design with a handle, so you can feel comfortable whilst you get used to the spine-tingling sensations that come with anal play. You can choose a beginners butt plug in a size of your choice, and work your way up as necessary.

Vibrating butt plugs can be used if you need that extra stimulation whilst exploring anal pleasure, alone or with a partner. Vibrating butt plugs, like thrusting butt plugs come with built-in vibration so you can stimulate yourself or your partner from the inside out. These vibrating butt plugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes – whether you’re looking for a small, discreet option to wear throughout the day, or a larger butt plug with varying textures and sizes. Shop our collection of butt plugs today to find a sex toy to get your pulse racing.

If you like a more aesthetically pleasing toy (because who said they just have to be functional?), you could explore our range of jewel butt plugs. In a range of shapes and sizes, these butt plugs look and feel good. Choose a small baby pink plug to help you get started, or a sleek, rose gold butt plug for a slick rear experience.

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Thrusting Butt Plugs FAQs

What is a thrusting butt plug?

A thrusting butt plug is used to enhance anal pleasure. What makes it stand out from other anal toys is that it vibrates and pulsates to bring new sensations when exploring anal play. These plugs typically come with powerful motors offering various thrusting speeds and vibrations so you can find a combination of sensations to send you over the edge. These thrusting butt plugs come in a range of shapes and sizes, whether you’re looking for a sleek, subtle design, or you enjoy something a little more realistic looking. Trying a thrusting butt plug will allow you to experience anal pleasure like never before.

When should I use a thrusting butt plug?

You can use a thrusting butt plug whenever you like! You can use these sex toys to enhance sex with a partner, or use them to increase sensation during masturbation - the choice is yours. Listen to your body and be aware of any feelings of discomfort or irritation and take a break if needed, so you can experience the pleasure that comes with these butt plugs during solo play or with a partner.

What are the benefits of thrusting butt plugs?

Whether you’re new to anal action, or it’s one of your preferences in the bedroom, thrusting butt plugs can benefit you on your backdoor explorations. There are many reasons why people choose to use thrusting butt plugs in the bedroom. No matter your gender, there are ways in which a thrusting butt plug can be used to enhance your orgasms. Those with a penis can use butt plugs to massage the prostate and bring them to orgasm. If you have a vagina, you can still benefit! There are lots of nerve endings in the anus, and the additional pressure from the thrusting butt plug can narrow the vagina, making the sensations you feel during sex all the more stimulating.

How long should I use a thrusting butt plug for?

This is generally a personal preference, you can use a thrusting butt plug for as long as you feel comfortable doing so! Just look out for feelings of discomfort or irritation, and listen to your body. Taking care when you use your thrusting butt plug means you’ll benefit from pleasurable experiences in a responsible way.

Are thrusting butt plugs safe?

Thrusting butt plugs are safe, but it helps to experiment with them so you can get to know your likes and dislikes, and your limits. If you're a beginner, start with beginner's butt plugs and work your way up. And then try a thrusting butt plug on a low setting to get a feel for your new toy.

What's the difference between a butt plug and a thrusting butt plug?

Butt plugs come in all shapes and sizes. Basic butt plugs are usually smooth, with a flared base and handle for your own peace of mind. Whilst thrusting butt plugs are shaped in the same way, they come with motorised vibrations and varying thrusting speeds – in other words, they can offer enhanced internal stimulation with added intense vibrations. If you’re looking to get started with anal play, it may be best to start with a beginner's butt plug to get to know your limits, as well as your likes and dislikes. If you’re looking for a way to level up masturbation and anal exploration, a thrusting butt plug can offer internal sensations like no other.