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Zumio Vibrators

Zumio products can help provide sensations you may not have experienced before, designed to hit the spot every time that other vibrators cannot. We stock a full range of Zumio UK sex toys for purchase, and you can order here from our online sex shop for speedy delivery. 

Zumio Sex Toys for Higher Pleasure

If you have used other vibrating products from bunny vibrators to suction cup vibrators,
you may have tired from a similar sensation. That’s why there is a
range of products from Zumio that will provide something different.
Ideal for solo or advanced play with a partner, the Zumio UK range of
products can be an ideal accompaniment to your pleasure. Thanks to the
innovative vibrating end that is smaller than you may expect, the small
tip can bring you to a knee-trembling experience you’ve not felt before.
What it lacks in girth compared to vibrating dildos
or similar, it makes up for with the specific targeting of areas and
helps you to find the exact sensation you are looking for. No more
endlessly trying different settings and positions, Zumio vibrators are
the essential experience you need.

Zumio sex toy range comes in different sizes depending on what you want
to experience. Ranging from a small tip to different shaped tips, each
can provide a much different sensation and orgasm to the next. Compared
to clitoral suction vibrators,
the Zumio toy targets deep inside using rotation rather than focusing
on vibration. This avoids any numbing of your genital area or the
overall buzzing sensation that can sometimes feel less pleasant.

Browse & Buy Zumio Toys

you are longing to feel something different than the norm, a Zumio sex
toy by your bedside is the perfect antidote to boring pleasure. Whether
you are an experienced toy user or are new to the world of self-love
using sex toys,
you’ll find plenty to love with the Zumio UK range at Mega Pleasure.
Why not take the experience even further by pairing your purchase with
the latest sex lubes,
making your pleasure time nice and irritation-free. If you have any
questions about Zumio toys, please get in touch. We are happy to help
you make the right choice to improve every area of your sex life with
our expertise.

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    Zumio UK FAQs

    How is Zumio Different to Other Vibrators?

    What makes Zumio sex toys a different experience is the way in which it provides internal pleasure. Rather than vibrating at different speeds, the Zumio toy range focuses on rotation thanks to its inner motor. This will move faster or slower depending on the pressure you place during use. The harder you push, the slower and more intense the sensation becomes. This touch sensitivity makes every use provide a different outcome and the smaller than average nib allows for highly targeted waves of pleasure. Each of the different Zumio toys comes with 8 speed settings to play with, so part of the fun is discovering that perfect setting that helps you or your partner be satisfied every time.

    Are Zumio Toys Easy to Charge?

    Yes, it’s simple to keep your charge level nice and high using Zumio sex toys. For example, the couples’ vibrator comes complete with a USB charger and dock, so all you need to do is place it into the cradle between use and effortlessly recharge. No need to change batteries regularly and depending on how you use them, you should get many hours of pleasure without the need to recharge. This makes the Zumio range perfect for travel and easy to use wherever you are.