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Vibe Therapy Vibrators

With plenty of vibrating options to enhance and tingle every nerve ending, the Vibe Therapy range will have you satisfied in no time. The range of vibrators are designed with women in mind, but that doesn’t mean men can’t have their fun too! Browse our full range of Vibe Therapy bullets, rabbits, and remote control vibrators on our online sex shop. Orders over £30 get free delivery too. 

Discover Vibe Therapy Vibrators

vibrators a sex toy that is a mainstay in many people’s collections for
years, there are always new additions and innovations to keep you
upgrading to the latest options. Vibe Therapy provide toys that take
pleasure into the next generation and are designed with the female
anatomy in mind. If you are a guy, you will still find plenty of
pleasure to be had when using anything from the Vibe Therapy range, but
we do have plenty of sex toys for men if you are looking for something specific instead.

Vibe Therapy range comes in all shapes and sizes, providing different
uses and functions. Their range of G-Spot vibrators will concentrate on
the deep sensation internally, helping you stimulate your G-Spot
effectively for an orgasmic experience. You’ll also find dual-action rabbit vibrators
that not only massage your G-Spot but also the clitoris at the same
time. Their silicone vibrators provide a familiar shape whilst their
bullet vibrators provide a small size but plenty of pleasure. Whichever
sensation is most pleasurable for you, you’ll be able to satisfy your
urge with Vibe Therapy.

Buy Vibe Therapy Products & More Online

The full range of Vibe Therapy products will help you satisfy not only yourself but also your partner. With our range of sex toys for couples,
you’ll take foreplay to another level and enjoy your sex sessions even
more before they begin. With your new toys, you’ll need to ensure they
are comfortable to use, so we stock plenty of sex lubes
to help reduce friction and increase pleasure. If you have any
questions about the Vibe Therapy range, please contact us today.
Remember to stock up on plenty of sex toy batteries too so that you won’t suddenly run out of power at a pivotal moment.

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Vibe Therapy FAQs

What Type of Vibe Therapy Vibrator Should I Choose?

This will depend on where you or your partner prefer to be pleasured, as each of the Vibe Therapy range can target different areas. Some can pleasure in multiple ways than one depending on the settings used. If you prefer your G-Spot to be stimulated primarily, you’ll want to choose the products designed for this. If you want the best of both and simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and G-Spot, their bunny vibrators are your go-to choice. Part of the fun is experimenting with different toys, so try different ones until you find the best one that hits the right spot for you and your lover.

Are Vibe Therapy Products Waterproof?

Yes, some of the range of Vibe Therapy products are waterproof so that you can enjoy them in the shower or bath. You’ll need to check carefully on the product description before doing so, as some may not be suitable for submerging fully in water. Some are designed so that they can be cleaned easily with water but only one end. Instead of water, you can use a specialised sex toy cleaner instead.