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Tantus Sex Toys

At Mega Pleasure, we only source the best, most renowned sex toys brands and one of these is Tantus, who promote living a lifestyle full of joyful sex. Their range of products cater for both men and women in the bedroom and you will find dildos, vibrators, anal toys, strap-ons, lubricants and much more. Discover the full range of Tantus sex toys from our online sex toy shop today. 

Who are Tantus Sex Toys?

started making products back in 1997 and have an aim to make everyone's
lives sex lives, fun, no matter where they are based in the world.
Sexual happiness is at the core of what they do and this is why they
have such a huge range of products, you won’t be stuck for choice. The
company was started by Metis Black, who made hand-poured sexual wellness
products, she focused on colours, sculpting and prototyping her
creations. In the past, Black wanted something truly different, and she
helped develop a process using the highest grade of silicone for sex
toys. Tantus was evolving down to the quality of the products they were
making and the education behind them, Black wanted pleasure products
that would be healthy for the body.

has changed the entire industry and has now become a leader in making
eco-friendly and body-safe sex toys, a brand with products you cannot
miss! Their 100% ultra-premium silicone is one of the most body-safe
materials you will find sex toys made from. Tantus has a mission and
it’s to keep making their customers experiences easy and enjoyable,
while expanding as a major sexual health care brand.

Tantus Products

have a huge range of sex toys to choose from, and some of our
favourites are the dildos that come in all different shapes and sizes.
If you have a preference when it comes to didlos, Tantus has toys with
suction cups, strapless dildos, realistic dildos, and dildos
specifically targeted at your G-spot. Why not try out a few different
options to see which one is your favourite? Along with dildos, Tantus
creates strap-on dildos for pegging and exploring fetishes and fantasies
with your playmate.

Tantus Lubricants

lubricants are ideal for smooth play, whether you’re masturbating solo
or playing with a partner. They recommend using water-based lubricant,
always, this will provide the least amount of aggravation or irritation,
they also have silicone and hybrid lubricants on offer too.

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Tantus Sex Toys FAQs

How should I clean my Tantus sex toys?

No matter what brand you’re buying from, you should keep your sex toys clean and stored in a dry place. It’s crucial to wash them before and after use to stop the spread of any bacteria. You can use hot water and soap or any of our sex toy cleaning sprays at Mega Pleasure.

What is the best lubricant from Tantus?

Tantus have a range of lubricants for you to choose from, but we recommend water-based lubricants and some of the thicker products if you want to use them for anal penetration.