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The Rabbit Company Vibrators

At Mega Pleasure, we have some of the best sex toys brands on offer and we only select our favourite brands to stock. If you haven’t already heard of The Rabbit Company, they have a selection of rabbit vibrators you won’t want to miss out on. Browse their range to find classic and g-spot vibrators that will have you screaming in a matter of minutes. All orders will be packed discreetly so you can surprise that special someone or hide your goodies from housemates. 

Who is The Rabbit Company?

Rabbit Company have designed a range of high quality rabbit vibrators
that will be sure to pick you up on a bad day and satisfy your needs.
Amazingly, they have over fifty different designs and colour
combinations, leaving you with almost too much choice! Go for one of
their assortments, a love ring, g-spot stimulator, or stick with the
classic rabbit for hours of pleasure. Their toys can be charged with USB
wires, meaning they will be more powerful than sex toys that take

What’s better than
a waterproof rabbit vibrator? Many of their products can be used in the
bathtub and shower as they’re made from waterproof materials, however
they are mainly splashproof so don’t actually immerse them underwater.
You can even take them on holiday to the pool or in the hot tub if
you’re feeling extra cheeky. The main benefits of their products are the
hypoallergenic, non-porous materials, flexible shafts for comfortable
play no matter what size the woman is, and whisper-quiet options for
those who have housemates.

The Rabbit Company Toys

Rabbit Company pride themselves on their rabbit vibrators and once you
have used one of their products, you will be without a doubt coming back
for more. Whether you’re a beginner with sex toys or an avid user, The
Rabbit Company toys are not only shaped nicely to your sensitive areas,
they come in a range of bright colours.

Taking Care of The Rabbit Company Toys

you invest in The Rabbit Company Toys, you should know how to take care
of them and here are some top tips. Only use premium water-based lubricants
with your rabbit vibrators, silicone-based lubricants can cause damage,
and so could any moisturisers and creams. Avoid leaving your rabbit sex
toy in the sunshine and don’t expose it to direct heat. It’s best to
keep your toy in a dry, safe place, out of reach of any children or
adults snooping.

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The Rabbit Company FAQs

Can a rabbit vibrator make you orgasm?

Yes, rabbit vibrators can certainly make you orgasm and they’re probably one of the best sex toys to help you reach a climax. They not only stimulate your G-spot but also your clitoris with their bunny ears. Women commonly report orgasming through their clitoris instead of inside stimulation, so a rabbit vibrator will hit your spot more than your average dildo.

What is the difference between a rabbit vibrator and a dildo?

Rabbit vibrators are like a two-in-one option as the dildo part will be inserted into your vagina, while the rabbit ears will rub against your clitois. If you haven’t tried one out already, now is the time to order your first selection of toys from The Rabbit Company!

Can you use lubricant with your rabbit vibrator?

Yes, you can use lubricant with your rabbit vibrator and we recommend doing so for an extra seductive experience, whether you’re masturbating alone or with a partner. You should also remember to wash your sex toys after lubricating them, and even if you haven’t used lubricant, keep them clean. Our range of sex toys cleaning products will help you avoid the spread of any bacteria, or antibaterial soap and hot water.