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Sqweel Sex Toys

At Mega Pleasure, we have a huge range of brands on offer that provide some of the best sex toys in the industry. For those that want a new type of sex toy that provides desire at it’s finest, Sqweel could be the brand for you. They focus on female pleasure and creating innovative women’s sex toys, like no other brand. Buy from our online sex shop today, with all orders discreetly packed if you want to surprise a special someone or hide your order from housemates. 

Who is Sqweel?

are a sex toy brand focusing on female sex toys, to help those who want
to orgasm with toys achieve this. Sqweel pride themselves on portable
toys, for anyone who wants to travel and not leave their toys behind.
They tuck into hand luggage or a travel bag nicely and luckily, they are
easily disguisable. If you don’t want anyone knowing what your sex toy
is, you can be sure they won’t with a Sqweel toy.

name Sqweel originates from the range of sex toys they have, they are
made from a smooth silicone material and use wheels to create pleasure
and arousal. Sqweel toys are battery-powered, so make sure you buy
batteries at the same time, unless the product states they are included.
We are all about innovative oral stimulation at Mega Pleasure and we
love that Sqweel introduces functions like flicker settings to intensify

Sqweel Products

have one main product, the Sqweel sex toy masturbator for women. For
those who want to focus on clitoral stimulation, this toy is ideal for
you. The newer Sqweel products have 30% more power than some of the
older models. Most women orgasm from their clitoris, and this type of
toy will encourage any female to reach her peak within a few minutes.
The 10 silicone tongue will spin at 3 powerful speeds, meaning you will
need to be somewhere you can make as much noise as you want! Anyways
used water-based lubricants with Sqweel toys to minimise any damage.

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Sqweel FAQs

Why should I pick Sqweel toys over other brands?

At Mega Pleasure, we love toys that are unique and Sqweel makes sex toys like no other. It’s uncommon to use wheels to make sex toys, and we would recommend trying out this innovative design if you’re a woman looking to explore new ways of orgasming.

How should I keep my Sqweel sex toys clean?

Keeping your sex toys clean is essential and most sex toys can be washed with hot water and soap. However, if you are going to be using your sex toy often, you can browse our range of sex toy cleaners at Mega Pleasure.

Why is silicone a suitable material for sex toys?

Many brands use silicone for their sex toys, and this is due to it being so versatile and silky-smooth. Silicone can be easily wiped clean, can come in a range of colours, and is most importantly, body-safe. When you are searching for sex toy brands, make sure their toys are made from body-safe materials, at Mega Pleasure, we only stock premium brands.