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Sir Richard Sex Toys

Sir Richard is one of our favourite male sex toy brands as they create a range of different toys to explore stimulation and reach your climax. The toys in their ‘Control’ range can be used by males who are in search of new masturbation toys, gay couples who want to find new exciting sex toys, straight couples, and any men who want to try out new ways of ejaculating. Browse and buy now from our online sex shop with all orders packed discreetly.

Who is Sir Richard?

Sir Richard are a sex toy brand that create mainly sex toys for men, the ‘Control’ range features penis stroker blowjob masturbators, penis extension tools, and vibrators.
It’s all about controlling male desires and the benefits of serious
control. The sex toys in this range are influenced by control and offer a
technology to enhance masturabtion and focus on making your sexual
experience as intimate as possible. At Mega Pleasure, we believe these
are some of the best products for male satisfaction.

Sir Richard Penis Strokers

brand Sir Richard pride themselves on some of the best penis strokers,
they’re both realistic and subtle at the same time. These male sex toys
are ideal for those who want to masturbate alone and have something that
feels just like a real vagina or a mouth. Penis strokers are commonly
known as ‘blowjob strokers’ as they can feel as good as the real thing.
This is the best male sex toy to go for if you want to feel as if you’re
getting a blowjob.

Sir Richard Erection Enhancers & Penis Sleeves

those who are out to impress someone, a Sir Richard penis enhancer
could be exactly what you need to get a reaction from your playmate or
partner. At Mega Pleasure, we stock the best Sir Richard erection
enhancers that will keep you erect for longer than normal and maximise
the size of your penis. Once you have tried out one of these, there will
be no going back! The penis enhancer sleeves
we also stock, range from 3-5 inches so you can decide how big you’d
like to become. All the penis products made by Sir Richard are
comfortable to wear and are designed to gain as much pleasure as

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Sir Richard FAQs

How do you wash penis enhancers?

When you are finished using this type of sex toy, you can simply roll it off and wash it with some hot water and soap. We also have a range of sex toy cleaning products at Mega Pleasure, so you can invest in a spray or wash if you use sex toys reguarly. It’s crucial to keep your toys clean to avoid the spread of bacteria. We recommend a quick clean before use as well as a more thorough clean after.

Should you pair male sex toys with lubricant?

We would highly recommend browsing our lubricant selection and ordering some to use with penis enhancers, strokers or any sex toys you want to buy from the Sir Richard ‘Control’ range. You can go for a warming and tingling lubricant if you want to make your sexual experiences extra special.

What are the most popular male sex toys?

If you are a man looking for pleasure during masturabation, the best and most popular sex toys are probably penis strokers. Whereas, if you are looking for satisfaction for both you and a partner, you could go for a cock ring or penis enhancer.