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Sensuva Sex Toys

Show off your passionate personality with Sensuva, releasing your sensual side as you embrace the glowing finish of Sensuva moisturizer. Whether you are gearing up for a night of intimacy in the bedroom with your favourite sex toys or are just looking to feel your best after a well deserved self care session, Sensuva products are just what you need to add the finishing touch, creating a soft touch and delicate fragrance. Shop the range of Sensuva products in our online sex shop.

Awaken Your Senses with Sensvua

unique collection of sexual health and wellness products are
hand-crafted in the USA, made from original formulas which offer
outstanding results. By using natural botanicals, essential oil extracts
and only the healthiest ingredients, you can be sure you are applying
quality products to your skin, perfect for delicate and sensitive skin
types who still want to add a touch of luxury into their collection.

a mission to create the most healthy, body-safe, natural products that
genuinely work, Sensuva make it easier than ever to arouse your partner
and build up that intense connection. The original formulas that put men
and women's bodies back in balance heighten awareness and sensitivity
so that you can maintain the spark and enjoy intimacy like never before.
By maintaining a healthy base, you and your partner can enjoy
heightened passion as you prepare for a night of love making,
tantalising each other’s senses and driving your partner crazy with

Wow with Sensuva Personal Moisturizer

Sensuva moisturizer range is an all time favourite thanks to the ultra
thick consistency. Leaving the skin deeply moisturized and silky smooth
to the touch, the sensual formula will leave them unable to keep their
hands off you, exploring your body as you form a deeper connection and
embrace the soft and supple feeling.

a sweet and cheeky blueberry muffin scent that brings some sweetness
into the bedroom, get all of the senses tingling once you apply your
Sensuva moisturizer. You can use your product on a daily basis to fit
into your skincare routine or as a special treat when you’re out to
impress, setting the mood and oozing confidence as you take full
control. To make the night one to remember, set the scene and wow your
partner by seducing them from the get go. Apply your Sensuva
moisturizer, pop on your favourite sexy lingerie, light some scented
candles and play your favourite romantic playlist so create a seductive
atmosphere that will leave them begging you for more.

you’re buying Sensuva products to treat yourself to some new additions
for the collection, spice up your sex life with a partner or buy that
special gift for a special occasion, find it all in our online range.

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Sensuva FAQs

Can Sensuva moisturizer be used as lube?

The thick consistency and hybrid formula means you can use your Sensuva products as you please, suiting all uses for you to use freely. By staying on the surface of the skin, the water-based formula will allow you to glide right in and enjoy a whole night of passion thanks to the long lasting formula. The water based formula means you can simply use it as a lube or on your skin for intense hydration, embracing the heat of the moment.

Is Sensuva suitable for sensitive skin?

Sensuva's personal moisturizer range was designed for those who are looking for healthier choices when it comes to their sexual wellness products. All of the formulas include a combination of natural, organic, food-grade, eco-cert, and EU Certified ingredients which are all glycerin and paraben-free and pH-balanced to work perfectly with a woman’s body. The Sensuva range is a suitable choice for those with allergies and sensitivities, allowing you to enjoy the moment without irritation.