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Monkey Spanker Sex Toys

The Monkey Spanker sex toy is a modern and innovative take on the male masturbator. Where most are full penis sleeves and a pain to clean, the Monkey Spanker toy is based on an innovative diaphragm design which forms a vibrating tube around your penis.

At the base of the plastic there is a removable vibrating bullet which adds an extra zing to your almighty O. Simply place your penis through the silicone pad and get spanking with some lube for the ultimate solo play. Perhaps your partner will do the honours for you? 

How Does the Monkey Spanker Toy Work?

monkey spanker toy works by intensively working the head of the penis
and the area just behind the head. The intense stimulation is what sets
the monkey spanker toy apart from others. It builds a heightened state
of pleasure and produces a very powerful orgasm.

is different about the monkey spanker toy is that you constantly take
it on and off the penis, whereas standard toys often remain on. The
silicone pad is where you put your penis through and it’s extremely
stretchy to fit all shapes and sizes. The sensation created by the
on-off action feels like constant penetration or an intense blow job,
that will make you come hard. It’s even more fun when your partner gets

Monkey Spanker Sex Toy: Get Wet in More Ways Than One

you like getting hot and steamy, why not take your Monkey Spanker sex
toy into the shower? You still need lube, but it adds to the overall

Happy Spanking!

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Monkey Spanker Sex Toy FAQs:

Which Lube Should I Use with the Monkey Spanker Sex Toy?

If you’re not already using lube, then you are missing out on a few tricks in the bedroom my friend! Pair up your play time with a slippery aid, and your sex life will get a nice little boost.

It’s particularly recommended to use lube when using your Monkey Spanker sex toy. When buying lube to use with your sex toys, opt for ones which are silicone safe. Silicone lubes don’t pair well with most toys as it can cause the silicone material on toys to warp. Toy-safe lubes are usually water-based products.

Can You Use the Monkey Spanker Sex Toy in Foreplay?

Of course. Your partner can take the reigns and do the spanking on your behalf. Establishing a good rhythm and using plenty of lube is key to making the experience more pleasurable. The Monkey Spanker sex toy is a different take on the usual hand job or blow job; and doubles up as a substitute for a cock ring. The vibrations from the monkey spanker toy can be used for tease pleasure in foreplay before going into penetrative sex. The vibrating bullet is also removable, so you can use this for clitoral stimulation on your partner as well. Though initially designed as a male masturbator, the Monkey Spanker toy is extremely multipurpose and useful in all sexual acts.