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Klittra Of Sweden Sex Toys

Klittra of Sweden produce innovative products that are designed with your pleasure in mind. The Klittra vibrator is a one-of-a-kind product that reduces the need to reapply extra lube throughout your sexual experience. Shop the full range of Klittra sex toys in our online sex shop now. 

Shop Klittra of Sweden Vibrators at MegaPleasure

Klittra of Sweden is named after the Swedish word for female masturbation. They produce innovative sex toys like the roll on vibrator
that is self-lubricating and removes the need to add lube to your
masturbation sessions. The Klittra self-lubricating vibrator is a
stylish and discreet toy that looks just like a roll on deodorant
allowing you to leave the sex toy on display without worry.

stylish toy by Klittra is in the style of a roll on that disperses lube
onto your clitoris whilst vibrating leaving you feeling intensely
satisfied. The wet, smooth rolling sensations feels just like oral sex
and builds up to deep, intense orgasms. The Klittra vibrator can be used
all over your body, so make sure you pay attention to your erogenous
zones to help get you aroused. The deep, rumbly sensations of the
Klittra vibrators are like no other and you’ll never look back at your
usual vibrator again.

Enhance Sex with Klittra Vibes

vibrators are perfect to use during your solo play or your couple’s
play. Most women struggle to reach orgasm. When being penetrated, you
can easily use the Klittra vibrator on your clitoris to help bring you
to orgasm quicker. You can use the vibrator on your partner or yourself
during sex for enhanced sensations and increased intimacy. Including a
vibrator into your sex life can make things much more exciting for both
partners. Vibrators come in a range of different sizes, shapes and
functions, but not many self-lubricate like the Klittra of Sweden
vibrator! You can easily expand your pleasure horizons without the need
for lube or other sex accessories… unless you want to!

some sensual items to your collection like massage oils and candles,
sexy lingerie and bondage accessories to make your play time even more
exciting. You and your partner can easily experiment with different
sensations and positions with Klittra sex toys and enhance your sexual
experience all round. Shop the full range of Klittra of Sweden sex toys
and accessories online at MegaPleasure now.

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Klittra FAQs

How do you use Klittra vibrators?

Klittra self-lubricating vibrators are perfect for no-fuss pleasure. Simply remove the cap to reveal the roll-on sex toy and turn the vibrator on. You’ll feel the deep, rumbly sensations and can change the settings with ease. When you’re ready, roll the sex toy over your erogenous zones to get more aroused and to get used to the intensity of the vibrator before moving to your intimate areas. Use the roll on over your clitoris to give the sensations of oral sex and experiment with speeds, pressure and settings to find what works best for you.

How do you clean the Klittra vibrator?

We recommend cleaning the Klittra vibrator after every use to maintain optimal hygiene. To do this, empty the lube and clean with warm water and mild soap or sex toy cleaner. Make sure to clean the roller thoroughly so no bacteria is left behind and leave to air dry away from direct heat and sunlight. Store in a cool, dry place and clean again before your next use.