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Dolce Piccante Sex Toys

Butt plugs should be a staple in everyone’s sex toy collection. They help stimulate all the sensitive nerves in your anus and can help you reach powerful orgasms. They can be used for both men and women during sex, foreplay or during masturbation. With metal bodies and jewels or tails adorning the end, you’ll never look back at introducing Dolce Piccante butt plugs into your life. Shop the full range in our online sex shop.

Buy Dolce Piccante at MegaPleasure

Dolce Piccante is a leading brand of butt plugs
that come in a range of sexy styles and luxury materials to help you
explore different levels of anal stimulation. Enjoying your sex life is
important to Dolce Piccante and they’ve designed a huge range of butt
plugs that you can explore whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

you’re looking to add some excitement into the bedroom or you’re
thinking about how to introduce anal play in the bedroom, it’s time to
try these incredibly high-quality butt plugs by Dolce Piccante.

Explore Anal Pleasure with Dolce Piccante

Add some glitz, glamour and a hint of temperature play to your anal adventures with Dolce Piccante at MegaPleasure. Jewelled butt plugs
can elevate your anal play to make it fashionable and erotic. They’re
expertly crafted with gemstones like diamond, coloured glass, gold,
silver and many more exotic decals. The jewel sits snugly outside of the
anus as the plug is inserted to stimulate the thousands of nerve
endings in your butt that can help you achieve more powerful orgasms.

butt plugs can dazzle you during anal play as the jewels dancing in the
light sends erotic shivers down your spine. Jewelled butt plugs give
the feeling of anal fulness and will visually stimulate you with their
beauty. Jewelled butt plugs can be worn by both men and women during
foreplay, sex or even masturbation to give a new layer of pleasure.

Shop the Full Range of Dolce Piccante Butt Plugs

Piccante butt plugs are exciting additions to your sex toy collection.
With their metal body, they provide, a cool, smooth and heavy sensation
as they’re in your anus. The cool metal will eventually warm up to your
body’s internal temperature which gives a satisfying feeling during the
rest of your play.

Dolce Piccante butt plugs come in a range of different styles from jewelled butt plugs to butt plug tails
that are perfect for animal role play. Bunny tails and fox tails let
you take on a kinky persona to bring your fantasies to life whilst
feeling the incredible fullness of the weighty butt plug. Shop the full
range now and pair with some anal lube for easy entry.

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Dolce Piccante FAQs

How do you introduce butt plugs into your sex life?

Adding any form of anal play to your sex life can be a big step for you or your partner. Start off by opening up the conversation and seeing how you’d like to explore the back door. Butt plugs are a great way to start and you can find butt plug starter kits to help ease you in. By adding beautiful, jewelled butt plugs into your sex life it can be an easy addition.

How do you insert a butt plug?

Inserting a butt plug is very straightforward. First, we recommend getting aroused and teasing the anus with a finger. Then, use anal lube or water-based lube to coat the butt plug and your anus before getting into a comfortable position to insert it. Slowly insert it until it’s fully in and stop if you experience any discomfort and pain.