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Berman Center Sex Toys

The Berman Center sex toys are designed by experts to help women feel more confident in their sexuality. The beautiful and expertly created sex toys in this range allow women to explore their personal pleasure alone or in their couple and experience whole new worlds of pleasure and comfort. Shop the full range of Berman Center sex toys in our online sex shop now.

More About the Berman Centre

Berman Center was created by Dr Laura Berman who is a world leading
expert in sex, love and relationships. Dr Laura Berman has a masters and
PhD from New York University and has spent several decades helping men,
women and couples around the world love and be loved even better. She’s
an expert in the field of sex and relationships and even has a range of
bestselling books and her own podcast ‘The Language of Love’.

Dr Laura Berman’s wealth of knowledge, Berman Center sex toys were
created to enhance your bedroom habits in your relationship and your own
personal solo pleasure. The collection of incredible products means
that you can easily enhance your sexual pleasure and confidence or you
can be aided in sexual health for those who experience sexual anxiety,
problems with discomfort and much more. This incredible range allows you
to broaden your sexual experiences and feel more confident in your
sexuality whether this is through masturbation or sex. Shop the complete
range of the Berman Center sex toys online at Mega Pleasure now and get in touch with one of our experts if you have further questions on the range.

Shop Berman Center Sex Toys

your sexual enjoyment and increase your sexual confidence with the
range of expertly designed sex toys by the Berman Center. Choose from
the range of remote-control vibrating knickers
to really get you going whilst you carry out your daily chores around
the house, or wear whilst performing other activities such as oral to
make sure you get your satisfaction too. Alternatively choose from the
range of bullet vibrators
to add extra-sensory stimulation when alone or with a partner. The
bullet vibes are great for self-stimulation or to help with orgasm
during intercourse.

All of
the Berman Center sex toys are beautifully designed with high quality
materials that look just as good as they feel. With many different
vibration settings, speeds and functions, each of the Berman Center sex
toys is sure to help you reach orgasm. For sexual help you can expand
your pleasure principle with a dilator set created to help women who
struggle with tightness and discomfort during intercourse, have sexual
anxiety or are simply working on their pelvic floor. The range of Berman
Center sex toys is perfect for anyone who wants to heighten their
pleasure or help with sexual issues.

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Berman Center FAQs

What products are available from the Berman Center?

The Berman Center has a whole host of different products available to help with sexual pleasure and sexual health. Choose from vibrators in the form of bullets, mini vibes and panty vibrators all the way to vaginal dilators that help those who struggle with vaginal tightness to feel more comfortable during sex. You can find the full range online at Mega Pleasure.

How do you clean the Berman Center sex toys?

As a lot of sex toys by the Berman Center are motorised, we don’t recommend submerging in water as this could damage the motor. Instead, after use, use a damp cloth with gentle soap to wipe down the toy and then a clean damp cloth to rinse. You can then follow with a sex toy cleaner to ensure optimal hygiene then leave to dry on a clean towel. Once dry, store away from direct heat, sunlight and away from where dust can build up to ensure your sex toy stands the test of time.