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B-Vibe Sex Toys

B-Vibe is a leading premium anal play product manufacturer that utilizes innovative design tactics to address specific sources of anal pleasure. Explore the wonders of the neglected and often unaddressed sources of pleasure found in your anus with the full range of products by B-Vibe in the UK at Mega Pleasure.

About b-Vibe

premium collection of tech-forward anal pleasure products was founded
by sex educator Alicia Sinclair. There have been years of research
behind every b-Vibe product and the innovative designs address the best
yet most unaddressed sources of anal pleasure. The products created by
b-Vibe are made of the highest quality and safest materials to ensure
you enjoy your anal adventures worry free.

The high quality yet approachable tone of the anal sex toys
by b-Vibe sets the standards for high-end products in a rapidly
emerging personal pleasure category. With values that empower men and
women to explore their body through education, this brand is one that
you can trust and that can stand the test of time. Browse the huge range
of products by b-Vibe and buy online to build your sex toy collection.

b-Vibe Buy Online at MegaPleasure

yourself and your tush to the velvety smooth feel of a b-Vibe butt plug
to take your anal play to a whole new level. These anal toys offer a
host of different modes and functions to give you incredible sensations
from a weighty, full feeling to tingly and teasing vibrations that will
send you wild. The products are specially created for both men and women
meaning no one gets left out and they’re even perfect to explore
together in your couple!

the thousands of nerves in your anal canal with the incredibly
pleasurable masterpieces delicately designed by b-Vibe in the UK. A
b-Vibe butt plug is the ideal sex toy for anyone who wants to take their
sex, foreplay or masturbation to the next level. By incorporating a butt plug
into your sexual experiences, you can stimulate areas you never knew
existed that can intensify your orgasms. If you’re a male, then adding a
b-Vibe butt plug can stimulate your prostate (also known as the male
g-spot) to give you full body blended orgasms! You can use alongside
your favourite fleshlight during masturbation or during sex with your
partner for limitless fun.

Shop b-Vibe in the UK

play is an experience that everyone should experiment with at least
once in their life, and MegaPleasure have made that even easier for you
to explore with our range of products by b-Vibe in the UK. Each butt
plug by b-Vibe is expertly crafted for safe use inside the anus with
incredible vibrations and functions that can take you right to the edge –
and could even tip you over it!

The collection available in our online sex shop allows you to explore double penetration either alone with a dildo
or with your partner. Wearing a butt plug during penetrative sex also
helps to make the vagina tighter and even more pleasurable for your
lover. The b-Vibe butt plugs all come with their own remotes so that you
can easily control the settings whilst the plug is perfectly in place.
You can use the remotes from up to 30 feet away which is perfect for
using discreetly out in public. Browse the extensive range of products
by b-Vibe and buy online now.

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b-Vibe FAQs

How Do You Use A b-Vibe Butt Plug?

Before using any b-Vibe butt plug, we recommend emptying your bowels or using an anal douche to cleanse to prevent any unwanted surprises. Next, use a generous amount of anal lube to cover the butt plug and the outside of your anus before slowly inserting until it feels comfortable – you can pause at any time for a break if need be. Search for your perfect anal sex toy with b-Vibe whether you’re a beginner or expert for the most incredible sensations.

How Do You Clean A b-Vibe Butt Plug?

As the b-Vibe butt plugs are motorised, we don’t recommend submerging them in water unless stated on the packaging. Instead, use warm soapy water to wipe down the toy and then use a sex toy cleaner to get rid of any unwanted bacteria. Wipe down again and leave to dry on a clean towel before storing away safely away from direct heat, sunlight and dust.