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Trojan Condoms

As one of the biggest names in both condoms and sex lubes, Trojan condoms are a trusted name when practising safe sex. We stock a variety of different Trojan condoms online that can provide different sensations and help you and your partner enjoy yourselves whenever the moment arrives. Browse Trojan condoms and buy online for discreet delivery. 

Discover the Best Trojan Condoms

ever-present brand, Trojan have been providing high-quality condoms for
over a hundred years and are one of the biggest manufacturers globally
of safe sex products. Whilst experiencing heightened pleasure is
something we all desire, doing so safely especially when with a new
partner is important. Whilst condoms will prevent pregnancy, they are
also an effective barrier to many STIs that can stop your pleasure in
its tracks. Comfortable to wear and in a range of different styles, the
Trojan condoms UK range is full of high-quality products that will
provide confidence during use, providing 98% effectiveness if used

Trojan condoms are
made using premium latex and are tested during manufacture for both
durability and reliability. Any choice of the best Trojan condoms will
ensure you and your partner will stay safe and avoid any unwanted STIs.
The brand now has over 30 different types of condoms available, each
providing something different. From ribbed condoms that will provide heightened sensations for both you and your partner, to delay condoms
and extra lubricated designs to help with smooth penetration. There is
something for everyone to try and find Trojan condoms that will enhance
your experience.

Browse Trojan Condoms and Buy Online

Our Trojan condoms UK range is part of our wider selection of sex aids here at Mega Pleasure. We have many types including bulk assorted condoms as well as a range of flavoured novelty condoms.
Safe, comfortable sex is important and ensures you are free of
irritation and can keep the pleasure going for longer. As well as
protection, having plenty of lubricants to hand can help with the
experience and will work alongside your condoms. If you have any
questions about the Trojan condoms UK range available, please get in

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Trojan Condoms UK FAQs

What Size Trojan Condoms Can I Buy Online?

You can choose from regular sized Trojan condoms online to larger sizes depending on what you need. Their Magnum range is 15% larger than standard condoms for a more comfortable fit if you find the regular range too tight. We also stock a range of other size condoms, including small condoms and large condoms.

What are the Best Trojan Condoms?

The best Trojan condoms will depend on what you are looking for in terms of sensation and how the condom fits. However, all Trojan condoms are made from premium latex and are manufactured to a high-quality standard. Whichever you choose will provide the protection you need when practising safe sex and wanting to heighten your pleasure. As they are made from latex, you’ll need to ensure this isn’t an irritant for you or your partner before use.