Flavoured & Novelty Condoms

Flavoured & Novelty Condoms

Safe sex can be incredibly fun with a good stock of novelty condoms in your bedside drawer. Not every session needs to be intense and earth-shattering, and if you can’t have a giggle during sex, then when can you? We have a fantastic selection of novelty designs in our collection, including glow in the dark condoms, coloured condoms, and even funny condoms to spice up your antics.

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Secura Kondome Black Pearl x24 Condoms

They look great and feel amazing!You can surprise your partner with these black condoms because they..


Skins Flavoured Condoms 12 Pack

4 different flavoured condoms Mint, Bubble Gum, Banana and Strawberry. 3 of each Quality latex co..


Skins Flavoured Condoms 4 Pack

4 different flavoured condoms Mint, Bubble Gum, Banana and Strawberry. Quality latex condoms, lub..


You can also be sure that you are receiving the best quality products, as we only stock the best brands, including Playboy and Skins. Shop our full range of novelty condoms in our sex shop online, and enjoy free delivery on orders over £30 and discreet packaging.

Flavoured Condoms for Oral Sex

Keep oral sex on the menu with our amazing range of flavoured condoms, which taste as delicious as the experience feels. We have a huge variety of different flavours to choose from, like strawberry, banana, bubble gum and mint, so you can truly indulge and savour every moment. Not only do flavoured condoms provide a feast for the senses, but they also make oral sex safe for everyone involved. While many people think that condoms are only to provide a barrier during penetrative sex, they also reduce the risk of catching infections from doing oral. Sex has never been as tasty as sex with our flavoured condoms! Whether you're using in combination with our other adult sex toys or even toying with our bondage equipment and want something additional to play with, our flavoured, novelty and long-lasting condoms are the perfect match. 

Glow in the Dark Condoms for Fluorescent Fun

No night light? No problem. Bring some fun and excitement (and maybe a few giggles) to the bedroom with our novelty glow in the dark condoms. Light up the room with your shaft whilst engaging in some sensual activities, and even play out your favourite scenes from Star Wars and use the force to give optimum pleasure. Our funny condoms really are a great addition to the bedroom. Our glow in the dark condoms give an experience like no other, and we have what you need to create a super sexy glow stick to have some night time fun. Not only are these condoms a feast for the eyes, but our glow in the dark condoms are as safe as the regular kind, so no need to worry! Just expose your novelty condoms to a bright light for 30 seconds and get a lovely luminous surprise when you turn out the lights.

Coloured Condoms for Visual Stimulation

Visual stimulation can be an essential part of sexual attraction, so why not bring some colour to the bedroom and create an even more satisfying and safe sexual experience? Our condoms come in an array of different colours including yellow, pink, red and green and come in a variety of flavours too, meaning you can really taste the rainbow! Our coloured condoms are perfect for the skin on skin feel to give optimal pleasure to all parties involved. They also make for a fun and tasty task when giving oral, so make sure to take a look at our colourful second skin condoms to make the experience a treat for all the senses!

Novelty & Flavoured Condoms FAQs

Flavoured condoms are designed to be used during oral sex to make this more enjoyable for the giver. The condoms are coated in different flavours (usually fruity flavours such as strawberry, banana, blueberry etc.) to mask the not-so-sweet taste of latex. Using flavoured condoms during sex not only provides a tasty treat but ensures protection when carrying out oral sex.