The anus isn’t self-lubricating like the vagina, so you may find it difficult to engage in anal sex without some form of lubrication. When it comes to anal sex, the wetter the better to make sure you get the most out of your experience! In this article, we will discuss which lube is safe for anal sex, whether you can have anal without lube, and the best anal lube for your play.

Is Lube Safe For Anal?

Lube is a very safe option for anal sex. It provides lubrication to prevent tearing and make a more enjoyable experience for both partners.

It’s important to choose a sex lube or anal lube rather than other products such as Vaseline or moisturiser as this can end in infections.

Can You Have Anal Without Lube?

You should always be using lube for sex, especially when taking part in anal sex. The anus isn’t self-lubricating like a vagina, so if you’re experimenting with trying the back door, you could end up getting small tears inside the rectal lining of your bum which makes you more susceptible to contracting HIV or other STIs. Using the best anal lube will help the top partner from getting tears on the penis, too!

Another reason you want to make sure you’re lubed up before trying anal is just for the experience! It can be hard learning to relax and enjoy anal sex if you’re new to it, so being generous with the lube is a great way to ensure you’re comfortable during anal sex. Simply add a lot of lube to the entrance of the bum and the inserting object (whether that be a finger, sex toy or penis) and you’ll be more likely to enjoy the experience.

So, in answer to the question ‘can you have anal without anal lube’, you can… but shouldn’t.

Can You Use Water Based Lube For Anal?

Water-based lubes are completely condom-safe and offer a slippery texture that many people relate to natural lubricant, so make a perfect slippery addition to anal sex. However, because the body absorbs water easily, even the best water-based lubes have a tendency to dry out quickly and the lube needs to be re-applied regularly. Water-based lubes are an affordable option when it comes to the best anal lube, so you can purchase them in more generous amounts compared to other lubes like silicone. Therefore, you can use water-based lube for anal sex, you should just make sure you are stocked up for your session!

Best Anal Lube

The anal walls are relatively thin, so you need to make sure you choose a good, thick lube to keep them hydrated and slippery and reduce the risk of anal injuries such as cuts and tears. Here are the best anal lubes for you to try:

Silicone-based lube

Silicone-based lubes are one of the best anal lubes due to their slickness and endurance. These types of anal lubes are hypoallergenic meaning they are a very skin-safe product for those who have sensitivity or allergies and many people tend to avoid reactions. Silicone lube is condom safe, however, they are not safe for silicone toys as it can break down the silicone in the toy which makes them more likely to harbour bacteria. Silicone lube won’t dry out and is completely water-resistant making them ideal for hot and steamy shower play!

The downfall with silicone-based lubes is that it is difficult to clean and it tends to stain any sheets or fabric that it comes into contact with, therefore we recommend putting down a towel before getting liberal with the lube.

Water-based lube

As previously aforementioned, water-based lube gives a slippery texture that is super important when engaging in anal sex. Water-based lube is easy to clean up and you can get a huge range of flavoured lube to make your anal play even more exciting! These lubes are usually cheaper than other anal lubes, so it’s easier to stock up.

Water/silicone hybrid lube

Water/silicone hybrids are easier to clean than pure silicone lube and will therefore limit the staining of the sheets. However, they won’t match the complete slickness of pure silicone lube. With water/silicone hybrid lubes, you’ll get the best of both worlds with the longevity of a silicone lube whilst being able to use with most sex toys like water-based lube.

Oil-based lube

Oil-based lubes are even slicker than silicone and are extremely long-lasting which makes them perfect for longer play sessions. They even become more slippery the longer you’re at it due to the heat and friction you’re producing. However, it’s important to note that oil-based anal lubes aren’t compatible with condoms or latex toys, and will also easily stain sheets and surfaces. They technically aren’t supposed to be used for internal anal play, however, they can be used greatly for the stuff leading up to it! This makes them one of the best anal lubes for anal foreplay.

What Anal Lubes Should Be Avoided?

To make sure your lube is safe for anal, there are some lubes that you should avoid completely. Saliva should not be considered a lube and should be avoided as it will actually dry out your skin which makes it less supple.

You should also avoid any sensation lubes like warming or cooling as these are known to irritate, deeming them unsuitable for anal sex. Experts say you should also avoid any desensitising lubes too unless they are being recommended for a specific situation. You should be able to tell if an activity is painful and need to stop, and desensitising lubes will make that harder.

How Do You Use The Best Anal Lube?

Lube is safe for anal and is a great addition to the session. You can use anal lube during foreplay to help your body relax and get you in the mood. Oil-based lube is a great foreplay lube as it gets even more slippery with your body heat and friction. Using oil-based lube during massages and other pre-sex activities will help to heighten the excitement!

You can also use anal lube on your favourite sex toys. Make sure your lube and your toy are compatible by looking at the instructions before you start. Toys are a great way to experiment before or during your anal play and lube makes it even more delightful.

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