What if we told you that having sex could burn up to 151 calories if you’re a male and 116 calories if you’re a female?

That’s right! You could burn up to 173 calories per round just by speeding up your tempo in the bedroom (or elsewhere if you’re feeling devilish!) 

With the average Christmas dinner tallying up to 956 calories for the main course alone (149 calories for the Turkey and 127 calories per portion of roast potatoes), we know you’re going to want to figure out the best position combo to shed the festive pounds.

With a further UK lockdown looming, we took the opportunity to analyse the top sex positions based on the amount of calories burned by gender.

Here are the results: 

 Sex Position 

Burning the most calories isn’t all just in the c you and your partner perform. 

The simple act of kissing can burn up to 68 calories per hour (that’s an entire pork sausage!). And, if you wanted to take things up a notch, your next make out session could burn 230 calories, accounting for your stuffing this Christmas.

If you are one to get a little more hands on in the bedroom, a hand job is likely to burn 100 calories per hour, which is the equivalent to one portion of roast parsnips, followed by massaging your partner which can burn a total of 80 calories per hour. 

Or, if you’re up for going down on your partner, giving oral sex can burn up to 100 calroies per hour. That’s a lot of calories burned!


68 Calories Per Hour

Making Out

230 Calories per half hour


80 Calories per hour

Oral Sex

100 calories per half hour

Using your hands

100 calories per hour

Romantic Dancing

219 calories per hour


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