If you’re new to the world of sex toys, seeing hundreds of intimidating looking products staring right back at you can be enough to make you think twice. We’re here to show you that this should not be the case; the best sex toys for beginners are all about discovery and experimentation, helping you find the toys that you love.

With sex toys being designed to add a whole new level of excitement, why not connect with your body to enhance your pleasure for maximum enjoyment? Our beginners guide to sex toys is on hand to open your eyes to the possibilities in online sex shops, with plenty of options for couples to take intimacy to the next level, as well as new ways to enhance solo play.


Being one of the best sex toys for beginners, a vibrator is every woman’s best friend. Although designed for insertion, the varying sensations make them great for external stimulation as well, making an absolute must have. Many vibrators offer various speed and pulse settings so you can experiment with different options and experience an orgasm like no other.

Vibrators are available in endless designs, with varying shapes, sizes and features so you can find the perfect addition to your collection and enjoy maximum pleasure. Whether you go for a small and discreet mini vibrator which can be used wherever you go, or a bunny vibrator with the popular G-spot curve, no beginners guide to sex toys would be complete without a classic vibrator.

Cock Rings

Being another one of the best sex toys for beginners, cock rings are a staple for many couples. The simple design prevents blood flow leaving the penis for longer and harder erections that allow for more fun from both parties. Many cock rings vibrate, enhancing stimulation and providing added pleasure for the clitoris so you can enjoy an extra buzz. When trying out your cock ring for the first time, it should sit comfortably at the base of the flaccid penis and be used with your lube of choice so you can enjoy the pleasure almost instantly.


Offering versatility for both male and female enjoyment, dildos are undeniably some of the best sex toys for beginners thanks to their realistic appearance and intense satisfaction. Dildos are equally as popular for self-pleasure as well as couples, offering the option to use both vaginally and anally so you can switch up your style on the daily to keep things exciting.

Dildos are a timeless classic available in plenty of shapes, sizes and colours so you can find the perfect addition to your sex toy collection. If you’re looking to take the pleasure one step further, have a look through the endless designs to keep even the friskiest of people satisfied, from squirting dildos to double ended designs, spice up your night with something new.

Anal toys

Ideal for couples looking to delve into anal sex toys for the first time, butt plugs and anal beads are perfect for the more experimental type who are looking to explore their bodies.

If you’re looking to experience anal sex, try using anal beads to stimulate the area at your own pace, gradually making your way to the larger beads for additional length and girth. Their versatility makes them an all-rounder, being popular for solo play, foreplay and during intercourse for either party. By allowing your body to slowly adjust to the increasing size, feel the pleasure build up for a memorable burst of joy.

An alternative to anal beads is butt plugs; a shorter and wider shaped toy which is used to gradually open the anus prior to any bigger toys or anal sex. The conical shaped design stimulates the area for a unique and intense sensation that many can't get enough of, also available in vibrating designs.

Beginners Guide to Sex Toys FAQs

What are the best sex toys for beginners to keep the spark alive?

After being with a partner for some time, it is normal to fall into the same old routine and lose the initial excitement. By introducing the best sex toys for beginners into the mix, you and your partner can become closer by finding new ways to pleasure each other and bringing your fantasies to life. If you’re unsure where to start, how about a remote controlled egg vibrator to keep her guessing or some sex restraints to try out some dominance?

Where shall I keep my sex toys?

Stocking up on your favourite products from a beginner’s guide to sex toys is one thing but knowing where to keep your new collection is another. Following use, clean your toys and keep them stored in a sealed box to avoid contamination from dust and dirt, keeping different toys separate to prevent them from reacting with each other.

What are the best products for men from the beginner’s guide to sex toys?

Whether you are looking for products to use as a couple or ways to enhance solo play, there are plenty of products aimed at men. Cock rings are a firm favourite, increasing blood flow for a harder and longer session, and penis extenders are great for helping your penis reach new heights. To replicate the feeling of sex yourself, a fleshlight is available in various designs to increase your sexual performance whilst achieving maximum pleasure.

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