You’re probably already very familiar with sex toys, and now you want to include your partner on this wonderous world of play and see how sex toys impact relationships for the better. However, you might be a little nervous about bringing up introducing sex toys with your other half. Bringing up the subject isn’t always so easy, especially if you’ve never discussed this in your relationship before. You may worry they’ll get offended in an ‘am I not good enough?’ way, or what they’ll think of your playful kinks. But bringing toys into your sex life is normal and can be a mind-blowing experience for both you and your partner – it may even bring you closer together. But how do you introduce sex toys into the relationship? You definitely don’t want to whip out your favourite dildo right in the middle of the act and hope for the best! Here is Mega Pleasure’s step by step guide on how to introduce sex toys into your relationship.

Step 1 – Get Comfortable Talking About Sex

Bringing up the subject of sex toys in a relationship would be so much more natural if the conversation around sex was already ongoing. Getting comfortable talking about what you like in bed, whether you like it on the bed or somewhere else, your fantasies etc. is the first step in bringing up toy play. As well as breaking the ice about introducing special toys into your sex life, talking about sex can increase intimacy in the relationship and allow both partners to understand what’s most enjoyable during sex. Win-win!

Step 2 – Talk Specifically About Using a Sex Toy

Next comes the slightly more awkward step. Bringing up introducing a toy into your most intimate time together. Once you’re comfortable discussing sex with your partner, you can introduce the idea of toys. Centre the conversation around how exciting and fun a toy could be for the both of you, and how hot it could be to have a toy used on you or vice versa. You could mention how using sex toys has always intrigued you, and that you’d like to try this with them. Avoid any negative comments or criticisms around how you struggle to reach orgasm, your partner will be much more receptive and open to the idea if you let them know the positives rather than focussing on the negatives.

Step 3 – Begin Introducing Sex Toys

Now that the conversation around sex is flowing, and you’ve gotten into the habit of sharing your most intimate thoughts, you can now begin searching for the perfect toy. It’s a good idea to consider what type of sex you’re already enjoying. Do you like oral sex, penetrative sex, anal sex, mutual masturbation, gentle rubbing, hand sex etc? This will determine the toy that you can naturally introduce. If you enjoy penetrative sex, consider bringing some non-intrusive toys into the mix such as a cock ring that won’t interfere with your usual acts. Or if you enjoy gentle rubbing consider a vibrator to be used on you. If you aren’t sure what to use or would like to be a bit more adventurous, there are so many sex toys for couples or sex toy kits to get you started! You don’t need to go all out when getting started with toys, but know that it is all about the experimentation, and finding the perfect toy to help you reach new levels of pleasure may take some time.

Step 4 – Use Sex Toys to Spice Up Your Relationship

You’re talking about sex. You’re introducing sex toys into the relationship. It’s hot and exciting! But now you’re wanting to spice up the relationship even further. There are so many toys you can experiment with. You can unlock fantasies that never even crossed your mind. You might find you’re into some light bondage like being restrained in handcuffs or a blindfold to enhance your senses. Or you may want to experience some thrill and pleasure when you’re out and about with your partner and try out a remote controlled vibrating egg. Once you’ve opened the door to introducing sex toys, the world of toys is your oyster.

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How to Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship FAQs

Is it okay to have sex toys in a relationship?

Not only is it okay to have sex toys in a relationship, but it also actually maintains passion and intimacy in the relationship! Although the initial conversation may be hard or awkward, many couples find that exploring more ways of being intimate strengthens their relationship. Bringing a toy into your passions doesn’t mean that anyone is performing less than they should, a toy is simply a way to enhance the pleasure of both partners and explore each others fantasies.

What if my partner isn’t receptive?

Unfortunately, you can’t, and shouldn’t ever, force someone into something sexual that they aren’t comfortable with. But you should consider how important your desires around sex toys are to you. Communication is always key, and if you can talk about their hesitance to try you may find the route of their aversion. It may be due to many reasons such as past trauma, fear of stigma, afraid to try something new, or just down to personal preference. If toys are off the cards in your relationship, try some toy-free ways of experimenting during sex!

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