Nothing screams ‘mood killer’ louder than having to deep clean the sex toys responsible for the big O you’ve just enjoyed. But unfortunately, it has to be done. Not just because it’s a bit nasty to just chuck them back in the goody drawer straight after use, but because it can have a dire effect on your ‘V’, your ‘P’ or your ‘A’! Cleaning your toys properly will help to prevent skin and yeast infections down below and keep your bits in tip-top shape! But what can you clean sex toys with? As a leading online sex shop, we will discuss how to clean sex toys, what you can clean sex toys with, and how to properly store them.

How To Clean & Store Your Sex Toys

The first step in knowing how to clean your sex toy is finding out what exactly your toy is made of, as different materials require different types of cleaning. That’s right, you can’t just give your favourite vibrator a wipe down with a towel and expect everything to be okay! Most packaging will give you the information on what materials are being used, however, if it doesn’t, or you’re unsure, ask a sales assistant in the shop or do a product search online. Each material is either porous or non-porous, which makes a difference to how you clean too. Porous toys can gather bacteria inside the toy even after cleaning, so be wary if sharing these with others! Non-porous toys, however, are safer and are made from medical-grade materials such as silicone, stainless steel, and glass.

Cleaning Different Types Of Sex Toys 

Now you’ve found the material, below is some advice to help you clean your sex toy.

How to Clean Silicone Sex Toys

Silicone toys (typically used for dildos, vibrators and fleshlights) are usually non-porous and are made from medical-grade silicone. For motorised silicone toys, it’s advised to use warm water with soap or a sex toy cleaner. Don’t submerge your motorised toy as this can affect the batteries. For non-motorised toys, you can submerge in boiling water for a deeper clean, or sanitise and put in the dishwasher -just maybe warn whoever unloads it! After cleaning thoroughly, you can store them in any clean container.

How to Clean PVC Sex Toys

PVC is a porous material that is usually used for dildos. To clean this properly, wash with warm water and a mild soapy washcloth. As this is a porous material, be aware that bacteria can be stored inside the toy even after cleaning! Store inside a lint-free fabric bag after cleaning to ensure your toy remains clean for the next use.

How to Clean Rubber Sex Toys

Plastic toys made from thermoplastic elastomer, thermoplastic rubber and jelly rubber are common materials for sex toys. These porous materials need to be cleaned thoroughly with mild soap and warm water. You may also want to use a toothbrush to release anything caught in the crevices. Once cleaned properly, dry with a clean towel before storing in a lint-free fabric bag or non-plastic container.

How to Clean Motorised Sex Toys

Cleaning motorised sex toys like vibrators, you need to be careful not to get water in the motorised area and create water damage. The trick here is to use a sex toy cleaner or soap with a damp cloth to wipe the toy clean – but be aware not to submerge in water!

How to Clean Anal Sex Toys

Depending on the material used (see above), anal sex toys can be cleaned using the same technique as toys used for the vagina or penis! A damp washcloth with soap or a sex cleaner should do the trick, just avoid submerging motorised anal toys.

How to Clean Male Sex Toys

Male sex toys, (such as fleshlights) , can seem a little tricky to get a thorough clean, but don’t shy away as this must be done! To clean, remove the sleeve from its case and rinse with warm water (hot water may damage the material reducing the realistic feel), you can even spray some sex toy cleaner in here for an even more thorough clean. Then with your fingers, rub around the insides to dislodge any debris that might be still there. Fill with water and shake to remove anything leftover and leave to air dry. Make sure to store in a lint-free fabric bag or non-plastic container. For most other male sex toys, find out the material of the sex toy used and follow our guide above to find out how to clean your sex toy.

How to Clean Sex Toys FAQs

How often should I clean my sex toy?

After. Every. Use. And bonus points for before every use! Being thorough in the aftercare of your sex toys ensures you keep downstairs safe and free from infection. Find out how to keep sex toys clean by knowing what your toy is made from.

What Do You Clean Sex Toys With?

There are many sex toy cleaning products out there as well as trusty soap and water. But to be sure you won’t be damaging your toy, make sure to find out the materials used in your toy and read the advice above.

Where Should I Store Sex Toys After Use?

After you’ve figured out the best ways to clean sex toys, you need to hygienically store them ready for the next use. Again, this can differ depending on the material, but the most common place is a clean, lint-free bag or non-plastic clean container.

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