Are you getting ready for a Christmas of fun? Sex toys, aids and accessories make the perfect naughty stocking filler for the special woman or man in your life and, if you’re looking to spice things up that extra bit further, a collection of sexy roleplay outfits can help bring your fantasies to life. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide exact what will induce your partner and how you can earn those all-important brownie points. With that in mind, we’ve uncovered five of the best-selling sexy roleplay outfits that are bound to keep him or her wanting more inclusive of couple’s roleplay outfits so you can both become your ow character. Take a closer look below!

1.French Maid

The most sexy role play costume is the French Maid costume. Great for if you want to play adult games in the bedroom, the French Maid costume enables you to dress up and practice a range of arousing roleplay. Many of the most popular sexy roleplay outfits feature a black dress with a white lace trim or apron and accompanying garter or front button facing collar for hours of fun. You could also consider pairing it with knee-high stockings and a pair of patent black heels to tie the whole look in. Why not also get a feather boa at the ready to tickle and tease!


There truly is nothing more seductive than playing nurse for your partner and there are a wide range of sexy roleplay outfits to provide a pleasurable surprise. Choose from a range of super seductive fits’ from transparent dresses complete with a front facing zip, to two pieces designed to show off your figure from head to toe. If you want to make your roleplay even more realistic, invest in some heart-racing props that bring the show together such as a stethoscope or syringe. Regardless of how you want to tend to your partner, we know it’ll be a huge hit in the bedroom.

3.Policeman or Woman

You’re under arrest! With a wide range of policeman and woman outfits and accessories to choose from, this sexy roleplay outfit isn’t one for the faint hearted, making dress up as realistic as it can. be. Complete with a hat and handcuffs, why not secure your playmate to the bedframe as you gently tease them, arousing their erogenous zones with every touch. With further props available to purchase such as paddles, it’s no wonder why policeman or woman cosplay is so popular amongst those who find pleasure in being told what to do.

4.Sexy Secretary 

The sexy secretary is another classic cosplay outfit, leaving hearts racing both inside and outside the office. It’s a huge hit amongst woman who favour being in a dominant role, allowing them to take lead on what will happen next. If you want to feel extra powerful, why not pair your outfit with a pair of high heels to enhance your legs and really show your partner who’s boss. And, if you’re feeling brave, move your sexy time away from the bedroom and onto a desk to make it feel even more realistic. Plus, with loads of fun accessories to choose from such as glasses, books, and pencils, you can develop your own story. 


Have you ever seen the movie ‘Gladiator’? Since it aired, the demand for gladiator costumes soared, with more and more couples wanting to imitate one during intimate time with their playmate or partner. A powerful addition to any couples’ role play, sexy gladiator costumes offer a varied type of play, giving you both power to call the shots. With a wide range on bondage inducing accessories available to up your gameplay as you resist the urge to ‘fight’ your way on top. 

With so many fantastic sexy roleplay outfits to choose from, all you need to do is select about the right one. Regardless of your cosplay experience, these outfits provide a helpful starting point and are guaranteed to make your playmate sweat out of excitement. Shop our exclusive range online at, today!

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