Whilst there’s nothing like having sex with skin-to-skin contact, sometimes we have no choice but to keep clothes on during sex. Having a quickie is just one of many examples, such as in a bar bathroom, changing room, elevator, the car or anywhere else that’s considered to be public and, although it can be tempting to strip down, it’s often wiser not to, particularly if you are up against the clock. With that in mind, we’ve taken a closer look at some of the best ways to have sex with clothes on. 

Can You Have Sex With Clothes On?

Absolutely – you can have sex with clothes on. For some, having sex with clothes on is a way to react in the heat of the moment, but for others, having sex with clothes on or ‘dry humping’ is preferred to do away with the risk of pregnancy but imitate the same pleasurable type of sexual stimulation. Regardless of why you may be wanting to do it semi-covered up, it’s possible to get the same enjoyment from it. Here’s how!

So, What’s The Deal?

  • Clothing

When it comes to having sex with clothes on, what you are wearing matters. For example, if you get off to the idea of having sex in a public place, clothing that allows free movement and can be pulled up is best such as a skirt or dress. If you are not quite that daring, leggings are a good second option, enabling your partner to provide the same stimulation without having to remove them. However, if you are really willing to push the boundaries, crotchless knickers offer easy access and may even make you feel extra daring particularly if you are yet to explore your options outside of the bedroom. You know what they say – when you feel sexy, you act sexy!

  • Wearable Sex Toys

Depending on how daring you are, you may be willing to add a wearable sex toy into the mix level up your game. There are so many remote-control toys out there to choose from, from vibrators, massagers, and suction cups. Though a wearable sex toy isn’t quite like having skin-to-skin contact with your partner, they encourage hotter sex and are the perfect accessory for those wanting to bring their fantasies to life. Better yet, you don’t necessarily have to go out with the intention of using it. Slip it into your bag ahead of when your fantasies begin to take over and use it whenever the urge takes over. For the moments that are a little bit more planned, why not consider a remote-control thong to escalate the mood on a night out or during the day if you dare.

Try These!

Regardless of whether you want to have sex in a public space and want to keep your clothes on or want to try out some sexy bdsm clothes and want to know the best way positions to get the most of our your sexual play, you’ll want to try these:

Doggy Style

A true classic, doggy style involves getting on your hands and knees as your partner penetrates you from the back. It’s possible to enjoy with both your clothes on and off and usually works the best when wearing a skirt or dress.

X Marks The Spot

Though X marks the spot requires a bed or table, both parties can remain clothed. It works for both skirts and dresses as well as leggings and other trouser types as the legs aren’t required to be spread. 

The Kneel

The kneel or ‘kneeling reach around’ position is a popular Kamasutra sex position which requires one of you to kneel on your hands and knees whilst the other kneels behind. A good position to try outside of the bedroom, many suggest trying it against a sofa or on a staircase!

In A Chair

Straddling your partner is possible clothed or not, though usually requires a skirt or dress to work. All your partner needs to do is be able to unzip is trousers.


Everyone loves a cuddle, and spooning is the equivalent. Whilst a skirt or dress is preferred, it’s still possible to get involved in leggings or trousers.

So, there you have it! Whilst having sex with clothes on might not be as quite as desirable as getting naked with your partner, it’s still possible to enjoy outside of the home with the right outfit and knowledge. Why not give it a try the next time homes too far to wait? 

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