Indulging in naughtiness knows no seasonal boundaries so why not embrace and celebrate your kinks and fetishes throughout the year? That’s right, there are countless national awareness days and months you won’t want to miss. As well as seasonal holidays, you can celebrate from the very beginning to the end of the year. So, whether you’re looking for an excuse to purchase a new matching set of women’s lingerie, explore a new sex toy, or venture outside of your comfort zone with a bit of BDSM action with our bondage kits, this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

From Shower Together Day to National Threesome Day, let the festivities begin!

Embracing year-round naughtiness no longer requires relying on your own creativity. Utilising this national calendar will effortlessly keep things interesting both inside and outside of the bedroom, ensuring satisfaction for you and your partner throughout the year.

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