Understanding what turns you and your partner on is a key part of a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship. You may know what turns you on, but how well do you know what your parent or other people like? It may differ drastically from your own personal preferences, so knowing the biggest turn ons for both men and women can help enhance intimacy and improve overall sexual wellness.

Whether it’s through physical touch, emotional connection, or the use of adult sex toys, discovering these turn ons can lead to more fulfilling experiences. Below, we’ll explore some of the most common turn ons and provide tips on how to use them to your advantage when improving your love life. Let's see what can potentially ignite passion and excitement in your relationship. 

Men’s Biggest Turn Ons

Understanding what turns men on can greatly enhance intimacy and connection in a relationship. While every individual is unique, there are common turn ons that many men share.

#1 – Physical Appearance

Visual stimulation plays a significant role in male arousal. Men are often attracted to certain physical attributes, which can vary widely depending on personal preferences. This could be a partner's smile, eyes, or overall body shape. Wearing sexy clothing or lingerie and underwear can also heighten attraction and help to highlight features your partner likes the most.

#2 – Confidence and Personality

Confidence is incredibly attractive to men. A partner who is self-assured and comfortable in their own skin can be a significant turn on. Confidence often translates into a more assertive and engaging personality, which can be very appealing. Additionally, traits such as humour, kindness, and intelligence are highly valued.

A good sense of humour can break the ice and create a relaxed atmosphere in both new relationships and long-term ones, making intimate moments more enjoyable. Kindness and emotional intelligence create a deeper connection, making physical intimacy more meaningful.

#3 – Touch and Sensuality

Physical touch is one of the biggest turn ons for men. Gentle touches, caresses, and sensual massages can easily stimulate arousal. The anticipation created by light, teasing touches can be incredibly exciting. Sensual activities such as kissing, whispering in the ear, or gentle nibbling can also heighten arousal. Exploring different types of touch and discovering what feels best for your partner can enhance intimacy.

Biggest Turn Ons For Women

Understanding what turns women on is something many want to know, especially when starting out in a relationship. Just like men, these can vary greatly but here are some common turn ons that many women share.

#4 – Emotional Connection

Emotional intimacy is often crucial for women when it comes to arousal. Feeling connected and understood by their partner can be a powerful turn on. Open communication, active listening, and genuine interest in a partner's thoughts and feelings help build this connection. Compliments and affirmations can also play a key role. Knowing that their partner values and appreciates them can heighten a woman's sense of attraction and readiness for intimacy.

#5 – Physical Touch

Non-sexual touch is a significant turn on for many women. Gentle, affectionate touches throughout the day can build anticipation and desire. This can include holding hands, hugging, and cuddling. More intimate touches, such as stroking the back, neck, or hair, can also be very arousing. Specific areas of the body, like the neck, inner thighs, and lower back, are often highly sensitive and can respond intensely to touch from the right person. Creating a comfortable and relaxed environment with soft lighting, music, and pleasant scents can further enhance the experience. As one of a girl’s biggest turn ons, getting physical touch just right can make a huge difference – as long as it is consensual.

#6 – Confidence and Assurance

Confidence in a partner is highly attractive. Like many men, women often appreciate partners who are self-assured and take initiative in a respectful manner. This confidence can translate into a more engaging and fulfilling intimate experience. Assurance and support are also critical. Knowing that their partner is genuinely interested in their pleasure and comfort can be a major turn on. Expressing admiration and desire openly can boost a woman's confidence and enhance her arousal.

Adding these elements into your relationship can lead to more fulfilling and passionate experiences. Understanding and acknowledging what turns your partner on can help create a stronger emotional and physical bond too. You should always talk openly with your partner about preferences and desires to ensure a mutually satisfying relationship, as whilst the above may be true for many, they are only a sample of the many different ways attraction works.

Biggest Turn Ons In A Person Universally

While individual preferences vary, there are certain turn ons that tend to be universally appealing to both men and women. Recognising these can help enhance intimacy and create a more fulfilling sexual relationship.

#7 – Scent and Hygiene

A pleasant scent can be a powerful aphrodisiac. Good personal hygiene and a clean, fresh scent are universally attractive. Using lightly scented lotions, fragrances or perfumes can heighten the senses and create a more appealing aura that can be irresistible. Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial too, as fresh breath is a significant part of intimacy – you wouldn’t really want to kiss someone with food in their teeth now would you?

#8 – Romantic Gestures

Thoughtful and romantic actions can significantly enhance attraction. Simple gestures such as sending nice texts, planning a surprise date, or giving small, meaningful gifts can make a partner feel valued and desired. Acts of kindness and consideration, like making a favourite meal or taking care of a task, demonstrate love and appreciation. These gestures not only build emotional connection but also create an atmosphere of romance and excitement.

#9 – Exploration and Adventure

Trying new things together can be a major turn on. Whether it's exploring new activities, visiting new places, or trying new sexual experiences, the sense of adventure can reignite passion and curiosity. Open communication about fantasies and desires can lead to a deeper connection and more satisfying intimate experiences. It's important to ensure that you are both comfortable and enthusiastic about any new activities first, as it will create a sense of mutual respect and excitement – you don’t want to cause the opposite when trying to ignite some passion.

When thinking about these universal turn ons, your relationship can become more passionate and fulfilling. Everybody loves a bit of romance and adventure, so you can enhance both emotional and physical intimacy by doing so. After all, it’s the effort you put into a relationship that will provide you with the most fulfilling results.

What’s Your Biggest Turn On?

Understanding your biggest turn on sexually can greatly enhance not only your relationships but also your solo time. It’s not just about having fun with a partner but also exploring your own kinks and fetishes – you may find you have a unique or more niche turn on compared to some.

Here at Mega Pleasure, we have plenty of items that can help you explore your biggest turn on, from male sex toys to couple’s sex toys when exploring with a loved one. We also have plenty of bondage and fetish items that can take a fascination with BDSM to the next level too.

Whatever you and your partner are into, be sure to keep things safe and consensual and make it as enjoyable and memorable as possible. For more from our blog, be sure to read 6 outdoor sex spots you never thought to try, and 5 sexual fetishes you never knew existed.


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