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6 Outdoor Sex Spots You Never Thought To Try

6 Outdoor Sex Spots You Never Thought To Try

Have you ever considered the thrill of stepping outside the bedroom for a more adventurous intimate experience? Outdoor sex isn't just about the rush of escaping the confines of four walls, it's about enjoying nature whilst getting intimate. With 8th May National Outdoor Intercourse Day, what better way to celebrate than getting some sexy inspiration to enjoy the great outdoors.

Below we’ll delve into some unique outdoor sex spots perfect for those looking to spice up their love life away from the bedroom. However, before you explore these hidden gems, you’ll need to choose locations wisely, prioritising privacy, consent, and staying within legal boundaries. This will ensure your adventurous escapades are safe and enjoyable.

Why Is Outdoor Sex Appealing?

Engaging in sexual activities outdoors adds a layer of excitement and novelty that the indoors simply cannot match. The fresh air, the natural scenery, and the sounds of nature all contribute to a heightened sensory experience that can enhance your intimacy. This connection to the outdoors can also be psychologically invigorating – there's a sense of freedom and spontaneity in breaking away from usual routines and settings.

Exploring new environments can significantly boost your emotional and physical connection with your partner. Each outdoor experience is unique, influenced by the time of day, the weather, and the season, making every moment more memorable. Moreover, the mild danger of being potentially discovered (though you'll choose spots with privacy in mind!) can add an element of thrill and urgency that intensifies the overall experience. Just like using adult sex toys for the first time, you may find a completely new side to your intimacy you never knew existed before.

Best Outdoor Sex Spots - Considerations Before You Head Out

Before you do go on an outdoor intimate adventure, you’ll need to keep in mind that you do so at your own risk. It’s up to you to have not only an enjoyable experience but one that keeps you safe and respects both the law and the environment.

Ensuring privacy is crucial, not only for your comfort but to avoid legal repercussions. Always check locations ahead of time during different times of the day to see how secluded they are. It's also wise to consider the possibility of accidental exposure to passersby and to choose locations where you are unlikely to be disturbed or observed.

Outdoor environments can also present unexpected challenges when it comes to sex. Uneven terrain and wet surfaces, insects, and weather conditions are all factors to consider. Ensure that the outdoor sex spot you choose is safe to access and spend time in – it's important to have a clear escape plan in case of emergencies or unexpected visitors.

Where to Have Outdoor Sex? 6 Outdoor Locations To Try

If you want to find the best outdoor sex spots it’s worth thinking outside the box. There are many different places you can try, so here are some innovative locations that combine privacy, beauty, and a touch of adventure on outdoor intercourse day or any other special occasion:

#1 – Rooftop Terraces

If you have access to a private area, rooftop terraces can offer a fantastic escape. Whether it's atop your own apartment building or a friend's, ensure you have privacy screens or choose times when anyone else is unlikely to be out. The panoramic views, especially at sunset or under the stars, can add an unforgettable backdrop to your encounter. Obviously, areas like rooftop bars can be busy and not ideal, so if you have the option of a private encounter on a rooftop and it’s definitely out of sight and safe, enjoy the space.

#2 – Private Boats

If you have access to a private boat, the middle of a lake, river, or even a scenic coastal bay can be the perfect secluded spot. The gentle rocking of the waves can add a rhythmical, soothing element to your experiences. You’ll want to ensure the boat is anchored securely and that you are in a spot not frequently trafficked by other boats or visible from shore. Also, keep safety in mind so that you don’t go overboard from all the excitement.

#3 – Secluded Garden Corners

Private gardens, whether it’s your own or part of a secluded rental property, can provide both lush scenery and complete privacy. Look for enclosed areas surrounded by tall hedges or walls, and consider the use of comfortable outdoor furniture or a blanket to enhance the experience. You’ll need to stay away from prying eyes to avoid trouble and if it’s not a familiar location, be sure you know your exits just in case there are any surprises.

#4 – Forest Clearings

A clearing in a forest offers a natural, secluded setting that feels like a world away from everyday life. Choose clearings that are well off beaten paths and not visible from the main paths. Bringing a blanket or a mat can help make the ground more comfortable. Remember that these areas can be particularly quiet, so keep noise levels low to avoid attracting unwanted attention.

#5 – Abandoned Structures

For the more adventurous amongst you, exploring abandoned structures such as old barns, mills, or factories can create a thrilling backdrop for intimacy. They can be slightly eerie for some, but this can heighten the excitement. However, you need to ensure the structure is safe and stable – you don’t want to take any further risks. Always check for signs of disrepair or hazardous materials, and ensure you’re not trespassing — many abandoned properties are still privately owned and off-limits.

#6 – Vineyards at Night

If you're near a vineyard, nighttime can transform these spaces into magical outdoor sex spots. The rows of grapevines under the moonlight offer a romantic setting, and during off-season times, many vineyards are quiet and less frequented. Always ensure that you have permission to be there, as vineyards are private property – you don’t want to be sneaking into an area that could complicate the situation.

Additional Tips for Successful Outdoor Sex

To make the most of outdoor sex, consider these additional tips before you choose a location:

  • Timing – Early morning or late evening are typically the best times for privacy as fewer people are likely to be around. Plus, these times can offer beautiful natural lighting and cooler temperatures during warmer months.
  • Essentials – Take some essentials such as blankets, cushions for comfort, water, and even bug spray to ward off insects. Also, any personal hygiene products you might need or that can help with the mood, like sex lube or even a few toys like dildos or cock rings. You can never be too prepared, unless you love spontaneity.
  • Legal Reminders – Remember that being caught in a compromising position can lead to fines or other legal issues. Also, be sure to leave the area how you found it, taking any litter and personal items with you.

Exploring outdoor spots for sex can add an exciting dimension to your relationship, bringing a sense of adventure and closeness that’s hard to replicate indoors. By choosing outdoor sex spots wisely and preparing adequately, you can enjoy the thrill safely and privately.

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