Starting a new relationship is an exciting time, filled with anticipation of what the future may bring. In the early stages when getting to know one another, inevitably the time comes for things to be more intimate, and for many couples, this means exploring when to start having sex. Some may find this step a simple one that naturally progresses, but for others, it can be more difficult to talk about, so when is a good time to have this discussion?

Discussing sex in a relationship comes down to timing and reading each other’s readiness for this. It can greatly impact the relationship's dynamics, so below we'll explore when to have sex in a new relationship and if there is a perfect time to do so. Having sex for the first time in a new relationship is a big step, so hopefully you can make it as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

When Should You Have Sex In A New Relationship?

Emotional readiness is a key factor in deciding when to have sex in a new relationship. It involves feeling confident and secure in your emotional connection with your partner.

Signs of emotional readiness can include mutual trust, effective communication, and a strong emotional bond between you. If both of you are emotionally prepared, you are more likely to feel comfortable and satisfied with the decision. However, emotional unpreparedness can lead to feelings of regret, and pressure, putting strain on the relationship.

This is why getting the timing right is important and discussing sex in a relationship is a good idea. You both need to be on the same page and ready to take this step together. Talking about your feelings, fears, and expectations can really help. Taking the time to build a solid emotional foundation can enhance the overall experience and help you to have a healthier, more fulfilling relationship.

Remember, there is no right or wrong time – prioritise emotional readiness and mutual consent above all.Top of Form

How To Bring Up Sex In A New Relationship

Have An Open Discussion

Open and honest communication is essential when considering sex in a new relationship. It's important to discuss your expectations, any boundaries, and feelings with your partner to ensure mutual understanding and consent.

Discussing sex in a relationship can prevent misunderstandings and help both of you feel more comfortable and secure. Talk about your comfort levels, any past experiences that might affect your decision, and any concerns you might have. Clear communication helps to build a foundation of trust and respect, making the decision to start having sex a mutually agreed-upon and positive experience.

Having ongoing dialogue ensures that both of you continue to feel comfortable and respected. Remember, you want to create a safe space where you both feel heard and valued, creating a deeper emotional connection and enhancing the overall quality of your relationship.Top of Form

Build Trust and Comfort

In a new relationship, establishing trust takes time and effort. Try to engage in activities that bring closeness and understanding, such as spending quality time together, sharing personal experiences, and being supportive in difficult times.

Trust is built when both partners feel their feelings, boundaries, and vulnerabilities are respected and valued. Comfort comes from knowing that your partner cares about your well-being and is attentive to your needs. Both of you should feel safe to express yourselves without fear of judgment or rejection.

It's important to move at a pace that feels right for both of you. You want to ensure neither of you feels pressured into taking steps you aren't ready for. Building this foundation of trust and comfort not only enhances sexual intimacy but also strengthens the overall bond between you.Top of Form

Consider Your Relationship Goals

Aligning sex with your relationship goals can ensure compatibility and satisfaction. You need to discuss whether you're both seeking a long-term commitment or a more casual relationship. Understanding each other's intentions helps prevent misunderstandings and conflicts. You want to enhance your relationship rather than complicate it.

By ensuring that both of you are on the same page regarding the direction of the relationship, you can make a mutually satisfying decision about when to start having sex.Top of Form

Being Physically Ready & Safe

Physical readiness is just as important as emotional readiness when deciding to start having sex. You want to feel physically prepared to do so and think about your sexual health.

It's essential to discuss sexual health openly, including the use of condoms and addressing any health concerns you may have. You need to both talk about and be comfortable with contraception methods so that you can prevent unintended consequences and have a stress-free experience.

If you have any medical conditions or concerns beforehand, talking about these can help avoid potential issues. Being physically ready and not rushing into sex without health considerations not only enhances the experience but also creates a sense of security and trust between you both.Top of Form

Don’t Feel Under Pressure To Have Sex

Societal and cultural influences can significantly impact decisions about sex in a new relationship. Everyone has varying expectations and norms regarding when to start having sex and it’s important to respect that. It needs to feel right for you both rather than any pressure you may see from social media, friends and family.

Having an open discussion about any differences of opinion and societal expectations can prevent misunderstandings and ensure both of you feel respected and understood. Balancing these influences with mutual consent is key to a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Remember, there's no rush – take your time to come to a decision and do what’s best for you. Avoid putting too much pressure on the situation and in many cases the relationship will naturally move onto this next step.

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