With World Kama Sutra Day approaching on Friday 21st June, there’s no better way to get into the spirit than by trying out popular sex positions yourself. After all, who doesn’t want to try something new in the bedroom at any given time? You may have even dipped your toe into Kamasutra without even realising! Below, we explain 10 of the top Kamasutra sex positions you can try this World Kama Sutra Day.


What Is Kama Sutra?

So, first things first, what is Kamasutra play? Kamasutra is all about enjoying pleasure at its core. The term ‘Kama Sutra’ or ‘Principles of Love’ as it is better known, is an ancient Hindu text on three key factors: sexuality, eroticism, and emotional fulfilment. However, its sole focus isn’t based on having the very best sex. Sex aside, Kamasutra is about making new discoveries whether that be about yourself or about your partner.


Top Kama Sutra Sex Positions

Are you ready to take your sexual intercourse to the next level? Kamasutra is for everyone, providing you with a new sense of pleasure, naughtiness, and exhilaration. So, whether you and your S.O. are in the mood to try something entirely new or want to adopt a new go-to Kamasutra sex position just in time for World Kamasutra Day, you won’t be disappointed by those we recommend:

#1 - The Lotus Position

Sit facing each other with your legs crossed. Wrap your arms around each other and gently rock back and forth.

#2 - The Cowgirl Position

The female straddles the male, facing him. She can control the rhythm and depth of penetration by moving up and down or back and forth.

#3 - The Doggy Style Position

The female gets on all fours while the male penetrates from behind.

#4 - The Bridge Position

The female lies on her back with her legs bent and feet flat on the bed. The male kneels in front of her and lifts her hips to enter.

#5 - The Missionary Position

The classic position where the female lies on her back with legs spread and the male penetrates from on top.

#6 - The Butterfly Position

The female lies on her back with her hips on the edge of the bed or a raised surface. The male stands in front of her and lifts her legs, resting them on his shoulders.

#7 - The Wheelbarrow Position

The female kneels on the bed or floor, leaning forward with her hands on the ground. The male stands behind her, holding her legs at the thighs or hips while penetrating from behind.

#8 - The Suspended Congress Position

The female lies on her back near the edge of the bed or a raised surface, with her legs lifted and resting on the males’ shoulders. The male stands in front of her, supporting her hips or buttocks while penetrating.

#9 - The Splitting Bamboo Position

The female lies on her back with her legs spread. The male kneels between her legs and penetrates while holding onto her ankles or thighs.

#10 - The Sideways Position

Both partners lie on their side facing each other, with one partner's legs between the others’. The penetrating partner enters from behind or in front, depending on comfort and preference.


Kama Sutra Sex Tips

When it comes to trying out new things in the bedroom, not matter what they might be, communication with your partner is key. To ensure you both have the best experience, it’s beneficial to discuss your boundaries and preferences beforehand. That way, you can be confident that neither of you are stepping too far above the line mid-act, maintaining its enjoyment and pleasure. It can also be helpful to have a safe word or phrase. This is something either you or your partner can use if you feel uncomfortable at any time.


Celebrate World Kama Sutra Day

Ready to celebrate World Kamasutra Day Mega Pleasure style? Be sure to try out the top 10 Kamasutra sex positions and find one that suits your style of intimacy whether you decide to stay at home or venture outside of the home for an even greater erotic experience. Trust us when we say you won’t regret it!

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