Maintaining a healthy sex life can be challenging for some of us. Busy schedules, stress, and daily responsibilities often leave little time for intimacy with your partner. But what if you could revive a once thriving sexual relationship by planning it in?

Scheduling sex with your partner might seem unromantic at first, but it can actually help ensure that intimacy remains a priority for both of you. Setting aside dedicated time for each other can do wonders for your sex life, enhancing your connection, improving communication, and helping you enjoy a more satisfying sex life. It might not be wild and spontaneous, but scheduling can still be sexy, and with a few couple’s sex toys to play with too, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to spice things up.Top of Form

Challenges of Maintaining Spontaneity

Maintaining spontaneity in a sexual relationship can be a challenge, especially with the demands of modern life. Work commitments, household responsibilities, and parenting can all drain energy and time, leaving little room for spontaneous intimacy. Additionally, stress and fatigue can significantly reduce sexual desire and motivation. As a result, couples may find themselves drifting apart, with less frequent and less satisfying sexual encounters.

These challenges can lead to frustration, misunderstandings, and a decline in overall satisfaction. If you want to ensure regular and fulfilling intimacy, even in the busiest of lives, scheduled sex could be the answer.Top of Form

Do Couples Schedule Sex?

So, do people actually schedule sex? Well, yes, in fact, one study found that men are more likely to want to specify a set time than women, with 49% doing so compared to 38% of women. Also, those in their late 20s tend to have more regular sex than any other age group, with 43% of 25-29 year olds in a normal week, compared to 38% of those in their late thirties and even less as the decades go on.

What Are The Benefits of Scheduling Sex?

Improved Communication

Scheduling sex opens up opportunities for couples to discuss their sexual desires, preferences, and boundaries. It encourages open and honest communication, helping partners understand each other’s needs and expectations better. When couples talk about their sexual relationship, they can address any issues or concerns they may have, leading to a more fulfilling and harmonious connection.

Enhanced Anticipation and Excitement

Planning sex can build anticipation, making the experience much more exciting. Knowing that intimate time is set aside allows you to look forward to these moments, enhancing your emotional and sexual connection. The anticipation can lead to increased arousal and a more passionate encounter when the scheduled session arrives.

Guaranteed Intimacy

For busy couples, scheduling sex ensures that intimacy doesn’t disappear. By setting aside dedicated time for each other with a couple’s sex schedule, you can maintain a regular sexual relationship despite having hectic schedules. This guarantees that both of your sexual needs are met, helping to maintain a strong and healthy bond.

Reduced Pressure

Spontaneous sex can sometimes come with pressure to perform or be in the mood at any given moment. Scheduling sex can help reduce this pressure by providing a clear plan, reducing the anxiety associated with unexpected sexual encounters. Knowing that intimate time is scheduled allows both of you to mentally and physically prepare, leading to a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Strengthened Relationship

Regular encounters will reinforce the emotional and physical bond between you and your partner. Scheduling sex demonstrates a commitment to prioritising the relationship, showing that both of you value and want the connection. It can help prevent feelings of neglect building and ensure that the relationship remains a central part of your lives.

Common Concerns With Scheduled Sex

Loss of Spontaneity

A common concern is that scheduling sex might kill spontaneity. However, planning intimacy doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting. Couples can still be creative and spontaneous within the scheduled time, exploring new fantasies or trying different settings. The anticipation itself can add an element of excitement.

Feeling Forced

Another worry is that scheduled sex might feel forced or mandatory. To counter this, it’s important to approach the idea of a couple’s sex schedule that you both feel comfortable with and are enthusiastic about. Scheduling should be a shared decision. If one partner isn’t in the mood, you need flexibility – reschedule or adapt the plan as needed.


Life is unpredictable, and even the best plans can be disrupted. You need to remain flexible and understanding if something comes up. Rescheduling is okay, and talking openly about your needs and preferences ensures that both of you remain satisfied and connected.

Best Sex Schedule For Couples – Tips To Help

Warming to the idea of scheduled sex? Here are some top tips to help you do so:

  • Set a Date – Choose a time that works for both of you. Consider your work schedules as well as your energy levels. Weekends or evenings might be ideal if weeknights are too much pressure.
  • Communicate Openly – It’s best to discuss your preferences and any boundaries you want to keep. You don’t want to throw in anything drastically different all of a sudden. This will ensure both of you feel comfortable and excited rather than turned off.
  • Be Flexible – Be willing to reschedule if needed and avoid getting into a disagreement if plans change. The goal is to prioritise intimacy, not create more stress about it.
  • Create a Ritual – Turn scheduled sex into a special event by making it a ritual, like a romantic dinner or a relaxing bath beforehand. This can make the encounter more thrilling and recapture what it was like when you first met.
  • Keep It Fun – If you’re not having fun then it doesn’t matter how well scheduled sex is – it just won’t work. Add surprises here and there, new activities, or even role-playing to keep the experience exciting and enjoyable.

Scheduled Sex Can Be Better Than You Think

Does scheduling sex work? As we’ve shown, scheduling sex with your partner can be a great way to maintain intimacy and ensure a satisfying sexual relationship. By setting aside dedicated time for each other, you can guarantee regular intimate moments. While it may seem less than sexy at first, the benefits of planned sex are far better than the negatives, so get a pen and paper, check your calendars, and start scheduling!

Why not further enhance your experiences with some new adult sex toys added to your routine? They can add variety and excitement, making your scheduled encounters even more enjoyable. Embrace the idea of scheduling sex and explore new ways to keep your relationship passionate and fulfilling.

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