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World Wigs

With a fantastic range of wigs that are perfect for both roleplay and more, the range from World Wigs will have you finding the perfect product in no time. No matter the style, colour, or type of wig, you’ll find it from World Wigs. Browse the full range and buy online and pair it with the perfect sexy clothing and more. 

Choose from the World Wigs Range

the only way you can complete the look you want is to change your
hairstyle completely. If you have a particular role play costume you are
wanting to perfect, or just want a brightly coloured hairdo without
needing to dye your hair, World Wigs have plenty of options. Their
high-quality products cover both synthetic and human hair wigs, with the
latter providing the most realistic result. If you currently have long
hair, for example, you may not want to cut this down to perfect a pixie
cut or a short, tight bob. A wig can be the perfect solution, especially
if it’s just for temporary use and you want to keep your current

If you like to cosplay and have found the perfect sexy costume,
a wig from World Wigs can be the icing on the cake. Maybe you want to
try being blonde or brunette for one night, or perhaps you want
something more daring and colourful such as neon yellow or pink? Using a
wig instead of drastically cutting and dyeing your hair is a much
simpler and quicker solution. If the style doesn’t look right, you can
simply remove and try a different one. The possibilities are endless
when using World Wigs to live out your fantasies in the bedroom.

Buy from World Wigs & More

Wigs are suitable for both men and women and cover a full range of
styles so you can look just like your favourite celeb or character, or
just try a different look. One of the most effective ways to wear
anything from the World Wigs range is to wear a wig cap underneath. This
will ensure your current hair is kept in place and out of sight and
won’t become tangled in your new wig.

If you are looking for items to complete the look with a World Wigs purchase, we have plenty of options such as lingerie and underwear as well as fetish clothing
for something a bit extra. At Mega Pleasure, we not only care about
your sexy new look but also about your pleasure overall! You’ll find
plenty of great sex toys to spice up your bedroom antics, either alone or with your partner.

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World Wigs FAQs

Are World Wigs made from Human Hair?

You’ll be able to find a range of synthetic and human hair designs from World Wigs. If you are wanting a more realistic look, wigs made from human hair are the most effective. However, these can be more expensive, so you can find plenty of synthetic designs that will do the job. They can be restyled however you want and easily washed too.

How Easy is it to Care for a Wig?

By looking after your World Wigs purchase, you should get endless amounts of pleasure wearing it. Handwashing is recommended as this way you can delicately keep the wig dust and product free and avoid getting tangled in a washing machine. You won’t need to wash them after every use either, so just fill a bowl of water and soak in specialised wig shampoo when you need to.